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The Bluetooth Shield integrates a Serial Bluetooth module. It can be easily used with Arduino/Seeedstudio for transparent wireless serial communication. You can choose two pins from Arduino D0 to D7 as Software Serial Ports to communicate with Bluetooth Shield (D0 and D1 is Hardware Serial Port). The shield also has two Grove connectors (one is Digital, the other is Analog) for you to install Grove modules.



  • Input Voltage: 3.3V
  • Baudrate: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800
  • Seeeduino/Arduino compatible
  • Up to10m communication distance in house without obstacle
  • UART interface (TTL) with programmable baud rate (SPP firmware installed)
  • Default Baud rate: 38400, Data bits: 8, Stop bit: 1, Parity: No parity
  • Default PINCODE:”0000”
  • A full set of configuration commands
  • On board PCB Antenna
  • FCC Part 15 Certificated

Interface funcion


Pad Type Description
PIO1 Status instruction port of Bluetooth module can be read by Arduino A1 port: low-disconnected, high-connected.
BT_RX UART Data input of Bluetooth module.
BT_TX UART Data output Bluetooth module.
Two Grove connectors One is Digital (D8 and D9), the other is I2C/Analog (A4 and A5).

Demonstration 1:Two Bluetooth Shield Connect

This demo will show you how to connect two Bluetooth shield.

You need two piece of Seeeduino V3.0, a Grove - Button, and a Grove - LED.

One Bluetooth Shield as Master while the other as Slave, and there's a Botton connect to the Master, a Led connect to Slave.

When the button press up, the led in Slave will change.

Hardware Installation

Firstly, we choose a Bluetooth Shield as Master, and plug Grove - Button to D8,D9 of this Bluetooth Shield.

For the Slave, we connetc Grove - Led to it's D8,D9 Grove. And D7 as TX, D6 as RX, as folowing:

Bluetooth Shield 2 connect.jpg

Download Code and Upload

  1. You can download the code in github, click here,then extract it to libraries folder of Arduino.
  2. Open Arduino IDE, open File -> Examples -> Bluetooth_Shield_Demo_Code -> Master_Button, then you can open the code of Master
  3. Open Arduino IDE, open File -> Examples -> Bluetooth_Shield_Demo_Code -> Slave_led, then you can open the code of Slave
  4. Click Upload to Upload the code, if you have any problem about how to start Arduino, please click here for some help.

Bluetooth ide 1.jpg

Check The Result

  1. After finish Uploading the code to both Master and Slave, reset the two devices meanwhile
  2. You can see the red and green led blink, indicate that devices was initializing and connecting.
  3. After about servel seconds, only green led blink, indicate that Master and Slave had connected.
  4. Now you can press up the button, then the led will change its state.

Note: If the phenomenon is not observed above, try unplugging the power and re-plug in again.

Demonstration 2:Connect to Smart Phone

This demo will show you how to connect Bluetooth Shield to a Smart Phone.

We need a Seeeduino V3.0, a Grove - Temperature Sensor, and what's more, a Smart Phone that with Bluetooth function.

Via a Bluetooth SPP App, we send a 't' to Bluetooth Shield, then it'll return the temperature.

Hardware Installation

Plug Grove - Temperature Sensor to A4,A5 Grove of Bluetooth Shield.

TX connect to D7 while RX connect to D6. as folowing:

Bluetooth Shield Phone.jpg

Download Code and Upload

  1. You can download the code in github, click here,then extract it to libraries folder of Arduino.
  2. Open Arduino IDE, File -> Examples -> Bluetooth_Shield_Demo_Code -> Slave_Temperature, then you can open the code
  3. Click Upload to Upload the code, if you have any problem about how to start Arduino, please click here for some help.

Bluetooth Shield Demo2.jpg

Download a SSP App

Here we us an Ardriod Phone, Mine is a Xiaomi 2A, open Google Play, search bluetooth spp, you can find many results.

Bluetooth Shield Find spp.png

Most of this app are useful, just choose one and have try.

Get Temperature

After installing an SPP app, try connecting it to SeeedBTSlave, pin code is: "0000"

Bluetooth Shield App 1.png

When connect is ok, send 't' to SeeedBTSlave, and you can get the temperature now:

Bluetooth Shield get temp.png


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