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The Xadow product line is designed to be used in wearables and art installations, and places where you do not have the space for bigger designs. Different modules can be combined to make specialized solutions possible, and the mainboard options make Xadow systems usable in low power and computationally demanding situations alike. Instructions can be given via well known IDE's, and can easily be transferred to the mainboard via USB. Power consumption is very low, to improve battery life. The modules connect easily via standard FFC flat cable, and the connecting cables are very sturdy. You can use this product line to focus on the software and packaging, while not compromising on features!


  • Small & light When you don't want to keep noticing your hardware, or want to wear it.
  • Low power consumption We designed this product line with a focus on low power consumption, so you don't need to add a big battery.
  • Versatility Multiple main boards, so processing intensive projects can still be power-efficient.
  • Modular design & Easy to connect Make some easy connections, and your hardware design is ready!
  • High quality connections The bendable FFC cables make connections possible in many configurations and shapes.

Xadow Product Range

Last updated May 2015

Main Boards

and the Edison support boards:

Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Motion Sensing

User Interface

Wireless Communication

Storage and System

Xadow I/O Connection

Xadow modules connect to each other with 12 laned FFC cables. All modules share the same bus, including IIC, SPI, UART, Digital and Analog pins. The table below shows the communication details between Xadow modules and the Xadow mainboard:

Xadow Pins.jpg
Xadow Modules Control Mode P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8
Xadow - 3-Axis Accelerometer I2C I2C Address is 0x53
Xadow - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±400g) I2C I2C Address is 0xE7
Xadow - Barometer I2C I2C Address is 0x77
Xadow - Barometer BMP180 I2C I2C Address is 0x77
Xadow - BLE Uart(TTL) Serial RX/TX
Xadow - BLE Slave Uart(TTL) Serial RX/TX
Xadow - Breakout
Xadow - Buzzer Digital Signal H H
Xadow - Compass I2C I2C Address is 0x1E
Xadow - Grove Adaptor I2C I2C Analog Addresses are 0x58 and 0x59
Xadow - IMU 6DOF I2C I2C Address is 0x??
Xadow - IMU 9DOF I2C I2C Address is 0x??
Xadow - IMU 10DOF I2C I2C Address is 0x??
Xadow - LED 5X7 I2C I2C Address is 0x04
Xadow - Multichannel Gas Sensor I2C I2C Address is programmable
Xadow - OLED 128*64 I2C I2C Address is 0x3C
Xadow - RGB OLED 96*64 SPI TBD
Xadow - Q Touch Sensor I2C I2C Address is 0x1B
Xadow - Vibration Motor Digital Signal H H
Xadow - RTC I2C I2C Address is 0x68
Xadow - Motor Driver I2C Changable
Xadow - GPS Serial RX/TX
Xadow - Storage I2C I2C Address are 0x50 and 0x51
Xadow - NFC I2C(default), SPI, UART I2C Address is 0x??
Xadow - NFC Tag I2C I2C Address is 0x24
Xadow - UV Sensor I2C I2C Address is 0x5A

Xadow IO pin mapping

Reference page for Xadow IO pin mapping information including:

  • How to use each pin in your Arduino code
  • Xadow FFC cable to Atmega32u4 pin mapping
  • pins that have interrupts and timers
  • the 2 serial ports, I2C and ISP
  • additional on board IO, and how it might be hacked

Xadow Tutorials

Xadow tutorial-Acceleration detector


Xadow tutorial-Communicate via BLE

Demo 2 display smile.jpg

Xadow tutorial-shaking shaking


Magic Bracelet Tutorial

Magic Bracelet Connection2.jpg

Skins for Xadow

With Pebble

PebblePowerUp - Our blogposts about our cooperation with Pebble the amazing smartwatch with e-Paper screen and low power consumption.

Metal style Xadow watch

Put the [[Xadow - OLED 128*64], Xadow - Main Board and the Xadow - RTC on the inside of the Xadow Metal Frame(Discontinued). Designed to be a personalized electronic watch.

IMG 7085.JPGXadowDiaplay.JPG

It can be worn on the arm with a wrist strap or standard watchband.

Xadow Watch1.JPG Xadow Watch2.JPG

You can also use a lanyard to hang it around your neck:

Xadow Watch3.JPG

Xadow Chewing Gum

Place a Xadow Main Board and a few modules inside the shell and put it in your shirt pocket, so you could always view the current air pressure, height, or the let the vibration motor remind you when your phone receives a twitter message.

Xadow overview3.jpgXadow Chewing Gum.jpg

Cardboard shells

Cardboard can be (laser)cut into amazingly durable folding designs, specialized for your purpose! (Maybe we still got the design files somewhere, we will look for it)


More Examples

XadowDesign More1.jpgXadowDesign More2.jpg


Demo1 Acceleration Detector Code
Demo2 SMILE Code
Demo3 BLE Slave Code
Sleep From Arduino
OLED Display 128x64 library

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