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Grove - Thumb Joystick is a Grove compatible module which is very similar to the 'analog' joystick on PS2 (PlayStation 2) controllers. The X and Y axes are two ~10k potentiometers which control 2D movement by generating analog signals. The joystick also has a push button that could be used for special applications. When the module is in working mode, it will output two analog values, representing two directions. Compared to a normal joystick, its output values are restricted to a smaller range (i.e. 200~800), only when being pressed that the X value will be set to 1023 and the MCU can detect the action of pressing.
Model: COM90133P



  • Grove Interface
  • 5V/3.3V Compatible
  • Analog Output

Application Ideas

  • Game Controller
  • Robot remote


Item Min Typical Max Unit
Working Voltage 4.75 5.0 5.25 V
Output Analog Value (X coordinate) 206 516 798 \
Output Analog Value (Y coordinate) 203 507 797 \


With Arduino

The Grove - Thumb Joystick is an analog device that outputs analog signal ranging from 0 to 1023. That requires us to use the analog port of Arduino to take the readings.

1. Connect the module to the A0/A1 of Grove - Basic Shield using the 4-pin grove cable.
2. Plug the Grove - Basic Shield into Arduino.
3. Connect Arduino to PC by using a USB cable.
Grove-Thumb Joystick.jpg
4. Copy and paste code below to a new Arduino sketch. Please click here if you do not know how to upload.

  Thumb Joystick demo v1.0
 connect the module to A0&A1 for using;
void setup() {
void loop() {
  int sensorValue1 = analogRead(A0);
  int sensorValue2 = analogRead(A1);
  Serial.print("The X and Y coordinate is:");
  Serial.print(sensorValue1, DEC);
  Serial.println(sensorValue2, DEC);
  Serial.println(" ");

5. You can check the values of the output analog signals by opening the Serial Monitor.

Grove - Thumd Joystick Result.jpg

The output value from the analog port of Arduino can be converted to the corresponding resistance using the formula:R=(float)(1023-sensorValue)*10/sensorValue.

With Raspberry Pi

1.You should have got a raspberry pi and a grovepi or grovepi+.
2.You should have completed configuring the development enviroment, otherwise follow here.

  • Plug the sensor to grovepi socket A0 by using a grove cable.

4.Navigate to the demos' directory:

   cd yourpath/GrovePi/Software/Python/
  • To see the code
   nano   # "Ctrl+x" to exit #
import time
import grovepi

# Connect the Grove Thumb Joystick to analog port A0

# GrovePi Port A0 uses Arduino pins 0 and 1
# GrovePi Port A1 uses Arduino pins 1 and 2
# Don't plug anything into port A1 that uses pin 1
# Most Grove sensors only use 3 of their 4 pins, which is why the GrovePi shares Arduino pins between adjacent ports
# If the sensor has a pin definition SIG,NC,VCC,GND, the second (white) pin is not connected to anything

# If you wish to connect two joysticks, use ports A0 and A2 (skip A1)

# Uses two pins - one for the X axis and one for the Y axis
# This configuration means you are using port A0
xPin = 0
yPin = 1

# The Grove Thumb Joystick is an analog device that outputs analog signal ranging from 0 to 1023
# The X and Y axes are two ~10k potentiometers and a momentary push button which shorts the x axis

# My joystick produces slightly different results to the specifications found on the url above
# I've listed both here:

# Specifications
#     Min  Typ  Max  Click
#  X  206  516  798  1023
#  Y  203  507  797

# My Joystick
#     Min  Typ  Max  Click
#  X  253  513  766  1020-1023
#  Y  250  505  769
while True:
        # Get X/Y coordinates
        x = grovepi.analogRead(xPin)
        y = grovepi.analogRead(yPin)

        # Calculate X/Y resistance
        Rx = (float)(1023 - x) * 10 / x
        Ry = (float)(1023 - y) * 10 / y

        # Was a click detected on the X axis?
        click = 1 if x >= 1020 else 0

        print "x =", x, " y =", y, " Rx =", Rx, " Ry =", Ry, " click =", click

    except IOError:
        print "Error"

5.Run the demo.

   sudo python


Grove-Thumb Joystick Eagle File
Analog Joystick Datasheet

Wiki in PDF Format


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