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iMetry - Geiger Counter Gamma Spectrometry for the iPads

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Energy Compensated Geiger Counter & Spectrometry

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iMetry works with all iPads including mini,mini2,3... Air, Air2,3...

iMetry is compatible for all versions of iPad including current iPads, iPad minis, except for iPad1 which is no longer supported by Apple. And supports latest version of iOS.


iMetry - Ultra Sensitive Photon Counting Energy Compensated Geiger Counter Gamma Ray Spectrometry (Spectrometer, Spectroscopy) Monitoring Post System for the iPads

iMetry system is MPPC(photon counter) based, extremely sensitive, ultra high performance, pocket-sized mobile gamma ray spectrometry, scintillation Geiger counter, radiation detector system specialized for I-131/Cs-134/Cs-137 survey, using iPad. Its extra ordinal sensitivity and ease of use, will fully satisfy casual radiation measurement needs, and it's one of must have item to survive this age. iMetry is stable, cool, sophisticated, fashionable, affordable and portable and easy to use. You can hold in your bag, or have your own in your bookshelf, and you can prepare for the dooms day. You can check spectrum instantly by yourself. iMetry provides some helps to decide yourself whether if you need to evacuate right now or not. iMetry would also helps you to decide when you can be back. Let's prepare for the future now. You can also leave your outdated iPads ( except for iPad 1 which is not good for continuous operation ) with iMetry using Xively, you can set private monitoring post more precise( lessor drift, putting into stainless jar with styrole to mitigate enhanced heat stability ) than government post, in your home. To make it work together, iMetry system requires iMetry: the detector module itself, iPad, its special dedicated application: iMetry, and external micro-B USB power supply.

Energy Compensations have already been supported by the software updates

Energy Compensations (EC) have been already supported by software updates, it require no hardware change. EC support have been committed from the first release of iMetry just with software updates, no hardware change. This commitment have been achieved. Existing customers and new customer would benefit with this feature, compensating energy, can measure compensated dose rate, based on radiation pulse energy.

Why spectrometry feature is essential for Geiger counter?

Using Geiger counter, you cannot identify what's the origin of radiation. Using iMetry, you can roughly identify whether if the radiation source is from Cesium or Radon, so easily. You can instantly identify marble based radiation or artificial radiation from Cesium, in the field. Without iMetry, you cannot tell 0.15 μSv/h radiation whether if from marble stone radon or cesium. In case of 0.15 - 0.2 μSv/h (it's regular radiation level of natural marble origin), it takes roughly about 30 minutes to do roughly screening whether if it is from reactor origin cesium or marble, using iMetry spectrometry mode, without extensive expertise. iMetry is the only available energy compensated geiger counter in this price range, and by far more sensitive than any other.

You may require extensive inspection for final judgement using Germanium spectrometry, iMetry can only be used for initial rough screening, but much better than simple Geiger counters. iMetry require Ba-133, and Cs-137 calibration source for re-calibration.

iMetry is roughly 45 times more sensitive than SBM-20 based Geiger counter, but eventually 270-540 times more

iMetry is roughly 45 times more sensitive than SBM-20 based Geiger counter, but more. In view of cpm/μSv/h, sbm-20 is roughly 132. The sensitivity of iMetry is 45 times more sensitive, but if you use iMetry in 1h average mode, its sensitivity is compared with 5-10 minutes averaged SBM-20 based regular Geiger counter system, 540-270 times more sensitive. That's the reason why iMetry can tell so many digits in view of relative radiation level comparison at the same occasion. As for absolute measurement, the measured value is more affected to environmental temperature and iMetry's drift, and calibration condition, its very hard to use precisions, but you can compare at the same moment, measuring several times to check and roughly identify sample specimen difference to control sample, especially in the lead box and geiger counter mode, iMetry outperforms finite resolution.

Just with 1cm thick lead plate, you can try and review extreme sensitivity of iMetry without bringing any radiation source

You can check iMetry's extreme performance just putting on 1cm thick lead plate, without any radiation source. Just put iMetry on the lead plate, you can see significantly lowered radiation level instantly. Could you ever experience such thing with your geiger counter ever before? That's the evidence of the extreme performance of iMetry, iMetry's so many digits are not just a joke, in view of relative radiation level comparison, at the same occasion, at the same temperature, and humidity, (be aware iMetry is extreme sensitive device) at the moment you measure.

iMetry without 1cm thick lead plate.(0.05166 micro Sv/h)
IMetry no leadplate.jpg

iMetry with 1cm thick lead plate.(0.03558 micro Sv/h)
IMetry with leadplate.jpg

The difference by existence of a lead plate.
IMetry diffs by lead.png

(iMetry's resolution of radiation measurement is relative value, absolute resolution is vulnerable to calibration error, and energy compensation error, which iMetry software is not supported current version, we are working on it, and vulnerable to iMetry sensor drift with temperature, humidity, and time. iMetry have temperature compensation circuit, but its not perfect. iMetry, is not magic and vulnerable to physical limitation, but much better than regular geiger counter. So its resolution digit is effective only for repetitive measurement comparison, under the same condition, and same occasion.)

Monitoring Post feature, using Xively system

Xively upload.jpg

You can publish your measured data to the Internet through Xively system. To publish your data, like this example, you'd better put iMetry into stainless jar with foamed styrol, and use 5GHz WiFi, if possible, and check sd/pd carefully whether if it shows roughly around 100%. This means, at least , cyclic noise from power supply or surrounding externals are not contaminated. And does not insure 100% noise free, because, Geiger phenomena, Photon counter noises, external shocks, such casual phenomena follows poisson distribution does not affect standard deviation vs poison distribution ratio, and would not affect 100% still noise presence. And be sure iMetry and iPad is placed quiet place, not subject to sun beam, under room condition, air conditioned, so far.

You can tell 1 nSv/h difference without lead shielding in the air conditioned room enviroment shielding iMetry with stainless vacuum mini bottle

You can actually tell 1 nSv/h difference in the room, without lead shielding, using iMetry, putting in stainless vacuum minibottle, with stylol, air conditioned, preparing control material and measuring material spending 6 hour each other in case if surrounding background radiation level were steady enough, uncontaminated.

Good for High-school or Junior High-school Science Education

  • You can display radiation dose or spectrum images through iPad projector port.
  • Without radiation source, just with a lead plate, you can show radiation dose change and where it is coming from.
  • You can discriminate Cs137 sample radiation source from Ba133, Co60, Rn, Betafite sources.
  • Becomes your personal monitoring post with Xively.
  • Try finding radiation source around you, Granite, Monazite, Betafite, Marble stones, Rn hot spring, or in mountain rocks.
  • You can also try measuring Gamma-radiation in the Jet planes (Neutrons cannot be measured with iMetry)
  • You can measure your shelter Rn level.
  • You can find your body's Potassium spectrum, just sleeping one night, putting iMetry besides your bed.
  • Potassium salt measurement(Roughly 1kg, 2 hours to observe K40 peak spectrum)
  • You can observe Rn spectrum in concrete building through 24 hour measurement.
  • You can experience photon counting with iMetry, this is an amazing 21st century experience!
  • In radiation phenomena, you can witness Poisson distribution coincides with standard distribution.
  • With Sr90 radiation source, you can witness β blocking with 2 cm aluminum plate residual radiation would be measured. (Due to the thickness aluminum cover iMetry may have residual sensitivity for β radiation, if you insert 2 cm aluminum plate β radiation would be blocked except for residual gamma radiation from Sr90.)

iMetry - Spectrometry(Spectrometer,Spectroscopy) Geiger counter for sale, special limited discount offer price

SeeedStudio, iMetry - Spectrometry Geiger counter for sale, special limited discount price: $298.00 WW free shipping

iMetry - the iPad Geiger Counter / Spectrometry application

iMetry Lite(Free)

iPad application Language fully supports English, as well as Japanese. So, you do't have to worry with Japanese.

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iMetry Geiger Counter / Spectrometry - Brochures

Pocket-size spectrometry Geiger counter with your iPad
IMetryA4 1.png
The stylish yet functional entry model spectrometry .The size is only 25×25x53 (mm), and weight is just 43g.
It is the world smallest spectrometry to easy to bring in your bag!
IMetryA4 2.jpg
Touch and Go
Just pressing Go button, measurement result will come out to iPad’s wide screen.

Check it Visually
You can check data by graphical chart.
Quick and Sensitive Interfaces
IMetryA4 3.png
High Sensitivity
Sensitive scintillator and MPPC module realizes awesome sensitivity.
IMetryA4 4 ja.png
Audio port is used for data output to iPad, and mini USB port is for power supply.
Radiation indicator LED will blinks in proportion to the gamma ray energy.

iMetry - Geiger counter / Spectrometry Overview

When iMetry detects radiation, iMetry outputs analog pulse corresponding to the energy of the radiation. Connect iMetry to headphone/mic mini jack of iPad with included audio cable, start measurement in the iPad application, application will record pulses. As a Geiger counter, measures radiation counts(cpm) and μSv/h meanwhile as a spectrometry compiles radiation energy spectrum.
Please don't forget to input instant calibration parameters, attached within iMetry package, before making use.
IMetry connection diagram.jpg

Getting started

Parameter setting* is required before making use, for the first time. To use iMetry, what you need to do is, just pushing "Start" button. That's it.

  • Please install iMetry app from AppStore.
  • Make sure, don't forget to change the pulse threshold value form default value 200 to 100. The software have 200 as default, and now, provided parameter uses 100 instead!

First, If the table, like following, contained in the package is set to the app, the only one thing, left to do is to push the "Start" button.  
IMetry Cariblationsheet-en.jpg

The example of measurement

Radiation Geiger Counter - Background Measurement

IMetry radiation.jpg

Cs137 Spectrometry (liner scale)

IMetry 137Cs.jpg

Ba133 Spectrometry (liner scale)

IMetry 133Ba.jpg

Cs134 & Cs137 Spectrometry (liner scale)

IMetry 134Cs137Cs.jpg

K40 (Potassium) Spectrometry (log scale)

IMetry 40K.jpg

Co60 Spectrometry (liner scale)

IMetry 60Co.jpg

I131 Spectrometry (logscale)

IMetry 131I v3.png

Background Spectrometry inside concrete building (222Rn) (log scale)

IMetry 222Rn 214Pb.jpg

Radiation Geiger Counter inside of a lead box (Thickness:50mm) (Pulse Detection Threshold=100)

IMetry 50mmPbBOX radiation.jpg

Spectrometry inside of a lead box (Thickness:50mm) (Pulse Detection Threshold=100, log scale)

IMetry 50mmPbBOX spectrum.jpg

Radiation Geiger Counter inside of a lead box with copperplate(Thickness: lead block 50mm, copperplate 1mm) (Pulse Detection Threshold=100)

IMetry 50mmPbBOX w Copper radiation.jpg

Least discrimination sensitivity of iMetry would be, in this example, relative MDA would be around 0.00024μSv/h@ 1 hour measurement, with 3SD accuracy, under 50mm lead box with 1mm copper shielding, at 0.06 μSv/h background. In this case, cables from iMetry should be guided, through V shaped canal.

  • Sensitivity parameter may vary for each individual difference.

Spectrometry of inside of a lead box with copperplate (Thickness:lead block 50mm, copperplate 1mm) (Pulse Detection Threshold=100, liner scale)

IMetry 50mmPbBOX w Copper spectrum liner.jpg

Spectrometry inside of a lead box with copperplate (Thickness: lead block 50mm, copperplate 1mm) (Pulse Detection Threshold=100, log scale)

IMetry 50mmPbBOX w Copper spectrum log.jpg

iMetry - Spectrometry / Energy Compensated Geiger Counter Specifications (iMR3 A211 OoMER1)

Supported Platform iPad2,3,4 iPad mini,mini2,3 iPad Air, Air2 *10
Accessories USB cable(microB to A), audio cable (mini-jack 2 contacts to 4 contacts, rough calibration sheet)
Power supply

Operating voltage

USB-B power supply(DC 3.3-5V) *1*2
Current consumption 26.5mA
Sensor unit CsI(Tl) Scintillator(10mm×10mm×20mm) Photon Counter (MPPC)
Detectable radioactive ray type Gamma Ray
Gamma dose range 0.001μSv/h - 10μSv/h *3*4*6 *9
Gamma dose resolution < 0.001μSv/h @ 6hour moving average mode *8
Sensitivity 6000 cpm/(μSv/h) *3*5
Energy range Under 200 keV ~ Over 2000 keV *3
gamma-ray detection efficiency Approximately 28% *7
Energy compensation Supported (Works with iOS application iMetry2.0.0 or later)
Operating temperature Room temperature (no condensation), recommended operating temperature is 77°F.
Size W25.0mm × H25.1mm × D53.3mm(Without projection)
Weight 42.8g
Closure material Aluminum engraved
Simplified calibration accuracy Approximately 30% (@0.06μSv/h) *3 *6

  • *1 Some USB power supplies, such as AA battery powered chargers, may not work properly due to internal protection circuit. iMetry uses big constant of ceramic condensor somas to reduce noize effect from outside. In such cases, disconnecting charger's connector from iMetry once, reconnecting after a few seconds may solve the problem.
  • *2 On some battery based chargers, raise of dose may be observed as battery drains, due to inverter’s switching noise. Please check battery level first, when you observe abnormal dose value.
  • *3 These performance parameters are vulnerable to individual difference and individual calibration condition of sensor modules.
  • *4 Upper limit is derived from simplified calibration points at the time of shipment, with margin concerned. For use in high dose environment, you may need additional calibrations in high dose areas. Upper limit of the range 10μSv/h is given as a rough range limit where error provided by simplified calibration may become not negligeble. It is not equipment limitation. That may vary among individual units, but iMetry has linearity of dose rate up to 5-10μSv/h. Please be noted, in very high dose environment reaches 60000cpm, linearity is lost downwards due to pulse overlaps, because of the time constant of the peak-hold circuit used is set to 1ms.
  • *5 Derived by converting representative value of the calibration parameter to 1μSv / h, the one point calibration was carried out in background radiation and the pulse detection threshold set to 100.
  • Obsolated: *6 Simplified calibration accuracy of a Geiger counter is evaluated at calibration points. iMetry units shipped earlier came with simplified calibration parameter table obtained indirectly from Cs137 standard radiation source, with 661keV gamma ray of Cs137. Previously iMetry software did not support energy compensation, so low energy spectrum from Radon is overestimated due to energy characteristic of used scintillators, thus result in about 30% higher background radiation dose. If you own an iMetry shipped earlier, please use 30% lowered, 70% simple calibration parameters for the time being. Sorry for your inconvenience. And in that case, radiation dose from Cs137 will be displayed 30% lower, I mmean 70%. We are planning to support energy compensation in future versions of iMetry application( already supported ). Newly shipped iMetry comes with simplified calibration parameter table including simple energy compensation. In this case, radiation from Cs137 is 30% underestimated (70%) until energy compensation is supported by the iMetry application. Please understand the situation, due to high performance of iMetry.
  • New: But now that iMetry software do support energy compensation, you can use Cs137 based dose calibration parameters, not compensated, 100% value, as it is into the dose calibration table.
  • If your available precalibration sheets denotes 100%, set dose calibration switch to 100% mode, and just input non 70% ed parameters, I mean 100% parameters as it is into dose calibration table.
  • *7 Gamma-ray detection efficiency is derived with a standard Cs137 radiation source (Decay compensated), by dividing CPM values observed at 15cm distance and background subtracted, with expected theoretical CPM, shown in %. Measurement was carried out in non-shielded environment, as measurement in lead shielded environment may detect characteristic X-ray. Attenuation in the air is ignored. Value may vary among individual units.
  • *8 Gamma dose resolution does not mean precision. At the same moment at the same enviroment, in door, air conditioned, at room temperature, stable condition, covered by more than 1 inch styrene foam, after power on more than 1 hour, compared with control measurement, succeding with material measurement, if compared with control, resolution can be in most cases witnessed. ( Please make sure that is not precision, due to residual thermal or tidal drift.)
  • *9 After rel2.0 software, energy compensations are supported. To disable instant caliblation of previous provided 70%, 100%/70% switch is prepared for dose calibration screen. So, if you would like to use old calibration sheet, switch to 70% side, and if you buy recently, provided calibration sheet were after the software 2.0, please switch to 100% as instructed. BTW, iMetry itsself have no difference from the first release. As pre announcedly energy compensation is supported by iPad software. As for energy compensation, only iMetry is supported.
  • *10 iPad1 is no longer supported by Apple.


IMetry interface.jpg

  • Power LED - Green LED lights up when power is supplied.
  • Detection LED - Flashes at brightness corresponding to the energy of detected radiation.
  • micro USB - Used to supply power to iMetry(DC 3.3-5V)
  • 3.5mm Audio port - Outputs analog pulses, corresponding to the energy of detected radiation.

Power supply

iMetry works on commonly-used micro-B USB power supplies.
It takes more than 3 minutes from power up to stabilization of radiation sensor. Please wait a few minutes before you start measurement, for accuracy.
When powered up, iMetry starts to detect radiation, red LED flashes at brightness corresponding to the energy of detected radiation.
When power is pulled out, LEDs may flash, but not due to radiation detection.

AC power supply Mobile phone charger
IMetry power ac.png IMetry power battery.png

You can use chargers cell phone and smart phone chargers with iMetry, but note for followings.

  • Some chargers, like ones with 3 AA batteries, may not supply power properly due to chargers' protection circuit.
    • In that case, pull out the charger connector from iMetry, wait awhile and try again.
  • When chargers run out of battery, iMetry may detect extraordinarily huge CPM value with red LED on, but that's not due to radiation detection.
    • Please replace batteries and try measuring again.

Storage and handling precautions

  • As iMetry make use of delicate potentiometers and sensors, dropping or high impact may cause its adjustment change.
  • No Wet. If water drops on iMetry, please wipe it off as soon as possible.
  • Do not keep iMetry in following locations.
    • Under direct sunlight
    • Around water place
    • In high humidity
    • High(over 60 deg C) temperature (near heating or on a car dashboard)
    • Extreme cold (refrigerator or outside in winter)

Operating precautions

  • Please note followings when you operate.
    • Operate iMetry on non-conductive surface, such as desks.
    • Please operate iMetry indoors, air-conditioned room temperature environment. (Though iMetry equips thermal correction circuit, iMetry cannot follow rapid temperature change.)
    • Please operate iMetry in quiet, vibration-free location.
  • For more accurate simplified measurement, it is preferable to keep room temperature, conduct simplified calibration (parameter change) for energy with standard radiation source, for dose with standard radiation source and calibrated dosimeter respectively prior to operation.
  • iPad works fine with iMetry, but please avoid some Pocket Wifi routers and other electronic devices, which emits radio-wave or electric noise.
  • Friction between iMetry closure and metal objects may cause noise and disturbance in measurement. Please put iMetry in a plastic bag on measurement, to avoid direct friction.
  • Please plug audio and USB connectors firmly, as halfway plugging may cause noise detection.
  • It requires long measurement in shielded environment to detect low-dose samples, as radiation dose rate go along Poisson distribution.
  • When you plug in audio cable, iMetry may count noise and flash LEDs, as a result of iPad's behavior, such as switching input device, that's not due to radiation detection.
  • Unplugging iMetry side of audio cable may cause detection of pulses as high as 3000cpm, that's not due to radiation detection.
  • Likewise, unplugging iMetry side of power cable may cause detection of pulses as high as 3000cpm, but that's not due to radiation detection, either.

Known problem, issues, errata, issues and errata fixed, improvement and workaround

  • All iPads and iPad minis works fine with iMetry, no problem, except for iPad1. The reason is, iPad1 have already been unsupported by apple.
  • iPad Air2 and mini3 (latest iPads) were known to show zero value for the sake of failure of model recognition table with older version of release. This trouble have been already corrected by the minor update release. So, please update your software.
  • Following releae 2.2.0 were released.
  • precision issues were resolved.
  • From this release another two digits below precision 97.5% digit were displayed, so as to make graph smooth.
  • Following releae 2.1.0 were released.
  • Following release 2.0.0BETA
  • Update (2.0.0BETA), known issues were fixed.
  • iMetry version 2.0.0BETA software for iPad is released
  • From this version, energy compensation is supported.
  • Energy compensation is specialized only for iMetry sensors. Other sensors are not supported.
  • Please check iTunes store.
  • Fixed: This problem was already solved by new iPad software release iMetry 2.0.0
  • Fixed: The dose and the energy calibration values of radioactivity greatly deviates downwards when you upgrade operating system version to iOS7* on iPad4. On the other hand, calibration values are not affected after upgrades to iOS7 on iPad2. We are urgently coping with this problem. We feel apologies for iMetry customers to wait for a while, until the new release of update version.
  • Done: By the way, we are now preparing energy compensation in the new version of iMetry.
  • Fixed: *This phenomenon is confirmed in iPad4 with iOS7.0.2.


  • iMetry is made by extreme super analog circuit, nothing digital, and quite sensitive sensor module, so, we call it as pickup unit. it's just like turntable pickup unit. *If you understand that, you can make use of it efficiently. The sensor circuit itself is quite sensitive to thermal drift, and thermal drift is compensated by analog electronic circuit, but make sure, before making use, to ensure temperature stability of the equipment environment, so as not to cause thermal drifting, because, temperature gradient cannot be compensated, so as to make it work, temperature compensation circuit, equipment should be placed in the same temperature environment, and power supply should be supplied before usage, to realize thermal equilibrium.
  • iMetry is, as a spectrometry, it is an entry model system. And eventually counts photon, that is amazing delicate thing, you may not have ever experienced in your life, utilizing quantum physics. So, don't expect too much beyond several physical equipment limitations.
  • If some drift, erroneous data, malfunction may have occurred ,or if some problem may have occurred by the measurement results, despite proper use of equipment, we cannot take responsibility other than changing product with another functional one, within warranty period. Please understand and consent before purchase.
  • As for the robustness, iMetrt is pretty robust. It basically, does not malfunction or brake, if carefully treated.
  • Please use this equipment together with another more reliable equipments or some reliable measurement organization together with iMetry.

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Summary site


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Gamma Ray Spectrometry, Practical Information - document compiled by Nafaa Reguigui


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