Snips Voice Interaction Base Kit

The Snips Voice Interaction Development Kits empowers users to jump start their development of voice interfaces and easily integrate the Snips AI Voice Platform with hardware. Snips runs on device, meaning all of your voice commands and data are processed locally rather than being sent to the cloud. This on-device processing results in a completely secure offline voice assistant that keeps your personal data private, as it should be.

The Voice Interaction Base Kit allows you to run the entire Snips AI Voice Platform. Powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and the ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT, it is capable of acting as your home smart speaker. Along with the kit comes a speaker, a Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor (SHT31), a Grove - Relay, and a pegboard to hang it on a wall or create a nifty stand.

But that's not all! The Voice Interaction Satellite Kit will extend your base station to reach each room of your house and allow you to interact with the hardware based on where you issue your commands!


  • Out of the box AI Development Kit
  • Easy to assemble
  • Voice assistant

Part List

Category Part Name Quantity
Electronics Raspberry Pi3 B+ 1
ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT 1
Grove – Relay 1
Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (SHT31) 1
Speaker 6Ω 2W 1
MicroSD Card 1
Power adapter with Micro USB connector 1
Grove cable 2
Acrylic Acrylic Base panel 1
Acrylic Protective cover for Relay 1
Acrylic Table stand 2
Assembly components 6mm,M2 full thread black hex nylon spacer 3
12mm,M2 full thread black hex nylon spacer 5
25mm,M2 full thread black hex nylon spacer 3
6mm,M2.5 full thread black hex nylon spacer 4
5mm,M2 carbon steel phillips screw 22
5mm,M2.5 nylon phillips screw 8
10mm,M3 carbon steel phillips screw 4
6mm,M2 full thread black hex nylon spacer 3
Blue rope 1
Screw driver 1
Package size 200mm 130mm 70mm
Gross weight 514g

Quick Starter Guide

This guide shows the basic steps to build the out-of-the-box application. For more in-depth development technical documentation, please visit Snips AI quick start

Assembly Steps:

The following picture is the overview of the assembly parts.

Here the assembly parts are mounted on the base panel.

Then, all the electronic parts are mounted on the board.

After that mount the Acrylic Protective cover on top of the Grove -Relay.

These 2 parts are used to make the Kit into a table stand.

This is how it looks when the above 2 parts are connected to the base panel.

Finally, you are ready to play with Snips.

The kit provides two ways of placement. It can either be placed on a horizontal surface as a stand or can be hung on a wall using wires or thread. Please be careful with the Relay when the kit is powered on since the working voltage will be high.

Start Playing!

  • a. Power the kit by the default power adapter in the kit or use a 5V-2A DC adapter with a Micro USB connector.

  • b. The next step is installing the Snips assistant into the Raspberry Pi. To save your setup time, the MicroSD card in the kit has been flashed with the full functional system image, which means the Snips assistant is ready for your trigger words. We strongly suggest you to study the step by step installation guide by visiting : https://docs.snips.ai/getting-started/quick-start-raspberry-pi and learn the sam tool in command line.

  • c. Trigger the assistant by saying “Hey-snips”, and follow the command:

Command Action
What’s the temperature? Responds with the current temperature
What’s the humidity? Responds with the current humidity
Turn the relay on. The relay closes and the red LED turns on.
Turn the relay off. The relay opens and the red LED turns off.