Wio Terminal Edge Impulse Getting Started

Edge Impulse enables developers to create the next generation of intelligent device solutions with embedded Machine Learning. Machine Learning at the very edge will enable valuable use of the 99% of sensor data that is discarded today due to cost, bandwidth or power constraints.

Now, Wio Terminal is officially supported by the Edge Impulse. Let's see how to get Wio Terminal started with the Machine learning at the very edge!

Installing dependencies

To set Wio Terminal up in Edge Impulse, you will need to install the following software:

  1. Node.js v12 or higher.
  2. Arduino CLI
  3. The Edge Impulse CLI and a serial monitor. Install by opening command prompt or terminal and run:
npm install -g edge-impulse-cli @serialport/terminal


Problems with installing the CLI? Please check Installation and troubleshooting for more reference.

Connecting to Edge Impulse

With all the software in place it's time to connect the development board to Edge Impulse.

1. Connect the development board to your computer

Connect Wio Terminal to your computer. Entering the bootloader mode by sliding the power switch twice quickly. For more reference, please also see here.

An external drive named Arduino should appear in your PC. Drag the the downloaded Edge Impulse uf2 firmware files to the Arduino drive. Now, Edge Impulse is loaded on Seeeduino Wio Terminal!


Here is the Wio Terminal Edge Impulse source code, you can also build the firmware from here.

2. Setting Keys

From a command prompt or terminal run:

$ edge-impulse-daemon

NOTE: When connecting to a new device, run edge-impulse-daemon --clean to remove previous cached.

3. Verifying that the device is connected

That's all! Your device is now connected to Edge Impulse. To verify this, go to your Edge Impulse project, and click Devices. The device will be listed here.

Next steps: building a machine learning model

With everything set up you can now build your first machine learning model with these tutorials:

Looking to connect different sensors? The Data forwarder lets you easily send data from any sensor into Edge Impulse.

Tech Support

Please submit any technical issue into our forum