I2C And I2C Address of Seeed Product

What is I2C

I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit, referred to as I-squared-C, I-two-C, or IIC) is a multimaster serial single-ended computer bus invented by Philips used for attaching low-speed peripherals to a motherboard, embedded system, cellphone, or other electronic device. Not to be confused with the term Two Wire Interface which only describes a compatible hardware interface.

Since the mid-1990s, several competitors (e.g., Siemens AG (later Infineon Technologies AG, now Intel mobile communications), NEC, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics (formerly SGS-Thomson), Motorola (later Freescale), Intersil, etc.) brought I²C products on the market, which are fully compatible with the NXP (formerly Philips' semiconductor division) I²C-system. Since October 10, 2006, no licensing fees are required to implement the I²C protocol. However, fees are still required to obtain I²C slave addresses allocated by NXP.

SMBus, defined by Intel in 1995, is a subset of I²C that defines the protocols more strictly. One purpose of SMBus is to promote robustness and interoperability. Accordingly, modern I²C systems incorporate policies and rules from SMBus, sometimes supporting both I²C and SMBus with minimal reconfiguration required.

I2C Address of Seeed Products

I2C is a very important bus, we have more than ten products using the I2C interface.

The following table will help you find I2C addresses of Seeed products.

Address 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
0x0 Xadow - Multichannel_Gas_Sensor Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor Motor Driver
0x1 FM Receiver H3LIS331DL Q Touch Compass 6 Axis Accel Compass 2.0 6 Axis Accel Compass
0x2 Digital Light Sensor
0x3 Color Sensor OLED96x96 OLED128x128 3 Axis Compass LCD RGB Backlight
0x4 TH02 MMA7660FC
0x5 ADXL345 NFC Tag ADC Touch Sensor Touch Sensor Digital Infrared Temp Touch Sensor Touch Sensor
0x6 LCD RGB Backlight RTC Gyro IMU 9DOF IMU 10DOF
0x7 Gesture HP206C BMP085 BMP180 IMU 9DOF IMU 10DOF


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