Grove - Mini Track Ball

Grove - Mini Track ball will give an easy access to prototyping a practical motion-tracking function module for your applications. It has implanted 360° detection and click detection with high accuracy and quick response. With chips STM32F103C8T6 and AN48841B inside, you can turn plenty of your ideas into tangible things. It is also standardized with Grove interface which will save you a lot of work in the prototyping process.


  • 360° and quick detection.
  • Translucent click Button.
  • Standardized with Grove interface.
  • Powerful MCU for you to enrich your applications.


More details about Grove modules please refer to Grove System

Application ideas

  • Tracking module for a gamepad.
  • Tracking module for a haptic controller.
  • Tracking module for toys.


Parameter Value
Operating voltage 3.3V~5.5V (typical at 5V)
Operating current 28 mA (maximum operating current: 40 mA)
Operating temperature range -25 ~ 75 ℃
MCU frequency 64 MHz
Operating frequency 105±5kHz
Hall effect filed strength range (0.5) ~ (8) mT

Hardware Overview

Grove interface
Connect main control board such as Seeeduino board with Grove - Mini Track Ball.

MCU (STM32F103C8T6)

Track ball
Interface to control motions.

Parts list

Parts name Quantity
Grove - Mini Track Ball 1PC
Grove wire 1PC

Get started

Material required

Seeeduino x 1

Grove - Wire x 1


You can use Grove - Base Shield v2 to make connection work easy.


Refer to the following guides to build an appropriate IDE:


We have used Seeeduino in this case.

Getting Started on Windows

Getting Started on Mac OS X

Hardware connections

Download sample code

1.You can download the sample code.

2.Decompress the downloaded ZIP file.

3.Open the file Grove_-_Mini_Track_ball_test.ino

4.Flash (or upload) your code into Seeeduino board. if uploading process is done, to open Serial Monitor window, Click Serial Monitor under menu Tool.


Make sure you have selected the right Board and Port under the Tool menu.

5.LED indicator under tracking ball will light on in different mode which will last around 50 seconds

6.After that you can rotate or "click" the track ball to get information of its trace.


Tech Support

Please do not hesitate to contact techsupport@seeed.cc if you have any technical issue. Or submit the issue into our forum.