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Why join in Seeed Ranger?
Building Sustainable Growth
Fostering a ecosystem by connecting with influential community members across the globe.
Strengthening Local Partnerships
Deepening engagements with local distributors and members. Maintain close relations with communities.
Integrating Community Insights
Capture feedback and trends directly from the community, receive a comprehensive feedback loop that improve your communication and other skills
Enriching Talent Network
There is a flexible recruitment process that connect the Rangers, Contributors, and Employee system, you can try enjoy and explore with different experience with a substantial income.
What do Rangers do?
Workshop Organisation
Advanced Perception System Workshop
Workshop Tools: Mission Pack
A half day session with three courses
Guiding participants in understanding and hands-on advanced perception system.
The course comprises three stages: firstly, introducing fundamental concepts and components, secondly, diving into user-friendly data-cloud uploading, industrial sensor usability, outdoor adaptability for long-range wireless communication, and adding edge computing capabilities to cameras, and finally, sharing use cases and hands-on practice.
tinyML Workshop
Workshop Tools: XIAO ESP32S3 Sense
A half day session with concepts and hands-on parts
Use SenseCraft Model Assistant and Edge Impulse platforms for TinyML on the XIAO ESP32S3 Sense.
Guiding students through data management, preprocessing, feature engineering, model design, training, evaluation, and optimization.
Market Expansion
Community Enhancement
Event Representation and Networking: Represent Seeed at various exhibitions, symposiums, or industry forums, whether online or offline.
Content Creation: Create compelling contents, it can take various forms, such as blog posts, articles, videos, etc.
Why join in Seeed Ranger?
Cash Awards
Workshop or events organization are eligible to earn session cash awards.
Free Products
Including training device packs, popular sensors, and industrial devices, etc.
Sales Bonuses
Additional compensation for guided sales successes.
Community Advocate
Opportunity to represent Seeed and showcasing our technology and solutions to a broader audience.
Expenses Paid
Travel for event participation, transportation, food and accommodation expenses will be covered.
Engaging Contributors
Enjoy top priority dive into Contributor Program. Access to new products and has the potential for exciting bonuses.
Why join in Seeed Ranger?
Where are the Events happened?
How does Seeed Ranger Works?
25 %
Application Submission: Community members submit applications to join the Ranger program.
Applications undergo a thorough review by Seeed to ensure candidates meet program criteria.
50 %
Once approved, candidates receive comprehensive training to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge.
Product Provisioning
Seeed provides Rangers with a specific of products for exploration and demonstration purposes.
75 %
Partnership: Rangers collaborate with suitable organizations to enhance the program's outreach.
Rangers organize and conduct community events, and Seeed will help to share those moments to social media.
100 %
Following the events, Rangers compile summaries highlighting successes and areas for improvement.
Rangers receive payments for their efforts, as per the agreed-upon structure in the program.