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Edge Computing

This topic introduces Seeed Studio's product documentation regarding edge computing architecture, which operates on "instant" data generated by various sensors in applications requiring real-time processing. This page presents multiple devices with varying computing power catered for users with varying requirements.

You can explore three main sections on this page:

  • Devices and their respective applications.
  • Single Board Computers and their intended uses.
  • Microcontrollers and their corresponding applications.


This section includes devices integrated with edge computing architecture. You can discover more about:
  • Devices with industrial level computation
  • Applications based on different devices
  • Software deployments
  • OS installations
  • Device specific extension boards or carrier boards
  • Tutorials and guides

Application / Software

OS Installation / Firmware Updating

Extensions / Carrier Board

Tutorial / FAQ


This section provides details about embedded computing modules. You can discover more on:
  • Microcontrollers with embedded computing
  • IoT and ML based applications
  • Extension board and accessories for the modules
  • Kit with courses
  • Tutorials
Open Source Controllers
Introducing open sourced microcontroller.
Proprietary Controllers
Introducing microcontrollers with proprietary platform usages.
This is the introduction of Seeed Studio ageful microcontrollers.
Click here to see the full picture.


Easy IoT Applications

Easy IoT Application
This is the introduction of IoT Application easily applied and deployed.

Embedded ML Scenarios

Embedded ML Scenarios
This is the introduction of Embedded Machine Learning(TinyML) usage easily applied and trained.
Seeed Studio XIAO SAMD21
> Publish Soon



Grove Accessories
This is the introduction of Grove Accessories.
Legacy Products
This is the the section of products and accessories that are no longer being maintained by Seeed

Kit with Courses

Kits with Seeed Studio XIAO
Seeed Studio XIAO Kit with Courses


Arduino Boards Tutorial
Explore different tutorials and guides on Arduino Boards here
Wio Terminal Tutorial
Explore different guides and turorials here

Single Board Computers

This section is about using the Single Board Computer for fundamental development. You can explore the following:
  • Development of Single Board Computers
  • Application based on the SBC
  • Different software deployments
  • OS installation
  • Extension board or Carrier board for the SBC
  • Accessories for the SBC
  • Kit with courses based on the SBC
  • Tutorials

Application / Software

OS Installation / Firmware Updating



Kit with Courses

Tutorials / FAQ

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