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Sensing and Network Connectivity

This topic here introduces the Seeed Studio product documentation regarding the very first step of digitized data from physical world, that is, delopying information infrastructures in a dynamic sensing framework, to lay the groundwork for society monitoring and understanding the physical and natural environments.

You can discover this page with two large portions.

  • Industrial Sensors with Network Devices
  • Entry-level Sensors and Network Modules

Industrial Sensors and Network Devices

We launched industrial grade sensors with long range connectivity and intelligence, generating digitized data from physical world in instrumental-level precision. You can find in this portion with:
  • Sensors & Probes for various industrial-grade environmental data sensing
  • AI-based Sensors for reday-to-deploy intelligent scenarios
  • Data Logger for remote environmental data monitoring
  • Gateway for long-range, high-security, indoor and outdoor data transmission
  • Other network infrastructures for data transmission, such as routers.

Industrial Sensors and Probes

SenseCAP Sensors & Probes
SenseCAP sensors and probes offer multiple ambient data sensing, with industrial hardware design.

Industrial AI-based Sensors

SenseCAP AI-based Sensors
Built for reday-to-deploy intelligent scenarios, SenseCAP A1101 with intelligent vision is really.

Data Logger with Configuration Guide

SenseCAP Data Logger
SenseCAP Data Logger can connect to MODBUS-RTU RS485/Analog/GPIO sensors and transmit data from sensors to the LoRaWAN® / 4G network

Gateway for Multiple Platform

SenseCAP Gateway
SenseCAP Gateway provides miles of wireless network coverage and data transmission capacity for Long Range / LoRaWAN® devices

Routers for Other Network Infrastructure

The routers can connect a local network to the Internet, enabling devices communicate with each other.

Entry-level Sensors and Network Modules

Without complicated instruments, we can sense and monitor the physical world just using microcontrollers and simple functional elecrtricals. That is, in this portion you can find:
  • Grove ecosystem sensors
  • Grove communication modules
  • Other sensors and communcation modules

Grove Ecosystem Sensors

Grove Sensors
This is the introduction of Grove Sensors.

Grove Communication Modules

Grove Sensor Network
This is the introduction of Grove Sensor Network, the transmittion methods offered to sensors.

Other Sensors and Communication Modules

Sensing Nodes
This is the introduction of Sensing Nodes, other sensors besides Grove ecosystem.
Beyond Grove / Retired Product
This is the introduction of Seeed Studio ageful sensors and communication modules.
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From entry-level to industrial-grade Sensors

  • Imagining how quickly you can build industrial-graded IoT sensors and applications in minutes, as well as develop custom open source LoRaWAN devices at low cost.

SenseCAP S2110 Sensor Builder

SenseCAP S2110 Sensor Builder
🔧 An open-source tool to build RS485 sensors with Grove ecosystem
> Build LoRaWAN Sensors with SenseCAP S2110 Sensor Builder and SenseCAP Data Logger

From Simple to Sophisticated

  • Developing industrial solutions with entry-level sensor hardware.

SenseCAP K1100

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