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Sensor Network

This topic here introduces the Seeed Studio product documentation regarding the very first step of digitized data from physical world, that is, delopying information infrastructures in a dynamic sensing framework, to lay the groundwork for society monitoring and understanding the physical and natural environments.

You can discover this page with two large portions.


Industrial IoT - Specialized

We launched industrial grade sensors with long range connectivity and intelligence, generating digitized data from physical world in instrumental-level precision. You can find in this portion with:
  • Sensors & Probes for various industrial-grade environmental data sensing
  • AI-based Sensors for reday-to-deploy intelligent scenarios
  • Data Logger for remote environmental data monitoring
  • Gateway for long-range, high-security, indoor and outdoor data transmission
  • Other network infrastructures for data transmission, such as routers.

Industrial Sensors and Probes

Industrial AI-based Sensors

Data Logger with Configuration Guide

Gateway for Multiple Platform

Routers for Other Network Infrastructure

Easy IoT - Build Your Own

Without complicated instruments, we can sense and monitor the physical world just using microcontrollers and simple functional elecrtricals. That is, in this portion you can find:
  • Grove sensors and other functional electricals
  • Microtrollers and attached extension board, accessories, etc
  • Application for IoT or embedded ML methods acknowledge
  • Kit with free courses and more intriguing tutorials

Sensors and Sensors' Network



Easy IoT Application

Embedde ML Scenarios



Kit with Courses


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