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Network Connectivity

Robust networking capabilities seamlessly integrate Seeed's diverse range of sensors and devices, enabling a cohesive flow of data and communication across the entire product ecosystem, unlocking new possibilities for monitoring, automation, and intelligent decision-making.

Seeed offers a large variety of networking products that integrates perfectly with our range of products, you can find them on Sensor as well:

  • Network Devices for industrial sensors

  • Network Modules for entry level sensors

Network Devices for industrial sensors

Gateway for Multiple Platform

SenseCAP Gateway
SenseCAP Gateway provides miles of wireless network coverage and data transmission capacity for Long Range / LoRaWAN® devices

Routers for Other Network Infrastructure

The routers can enable device communications by connecting a local network to the internet.

Network Modules for entry level sensors

Grove Communication Modules

Grove Sensor Network
Introduction to the Grove Sensor Network and the transmission methods available to sensors.

Seeed Studio legacy networking modules

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