2.5W Solar Panel 116*160

This is a custom solar panel, which mates directly with many of our development boards and has a high efficiency at 15%. Unit has a clear epoxy coating with hard-board backing. Robust sealing for out door applications!


  • PCB size : 116*160*1.5 mm

  • Monolithic : 9.57*156 mm

  • Efficiency : 15%

  • Voltage:5.5V;

  • Current:450mA

  • Power:2.5W

  • Connector: 2.0mm JST

  • Type:156 Two line;

  • PCB Material : all Glass fiber

  • PCB requirements : positive

  • Quality requirements :

    • flatness less than 0.1mm
    • clean, does not allow to have the scratch
    • take off paint the phenomenon, such as a hole does not allow to have the deviation
  • Note : tolerance Positive and negative 0.1mm

  • Name: PET laminated (116*160)

  • Arrangement:1*11(series)NO spacing posted artical black;

Tech Support

Please submit any technical issue into our forum or drop mail to techsupport@seeed.cc.