DC framework miniature solenoid VL-0063

This 14.8-Volt DC framework miniature solenoid is for instantaneous power work and great for projects! These types of solenoid are often used for small automation system,can be used as a remote control etc. However, they work great for almost any project requiring a DC solenoid.

**The solenoid operating temperature should not exceed 80 ℃, or continuous working time less than 5 seconds. **


  • Voltage: 14.8V DC
  • Easily fixed and connected
  • Low friction to ensure high efficiency and extend the life of
  • Simple and reliable design

Application Ideas


Operating conditions:

Performance to show:

No. Name
1 Fixed framework
2 Cover
3 Movable core
4 Fixed core
5 Solenoid axis
6 Solenoid
7 Conduit

Test temperature

Tech Support

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