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Galileo Case

When you have a Galileo PCB, do you want to select a suitable case for improving whole felling and protecting it? There is a case that we customize for the PCB. The Case is used to wrap the Galileo PCB, It's constructed from military grade alminum and hardwearing acrylic, Providing the ultimate protection from physical and corrosion!Because we use blue acrylic, So it looks very neatly and beautiful


  • Easy to assemble

  • Solid and stable material

  • neatly and beautiful


Assembly diagram is as follows:

Part Package Qty
Bracket 1.5mm aluminum plate stamping molding, black sand anodized 2
Bottom Acrylic Cover 2.5mm Thickness 1
Top Acrylic Cover 2.5mm Thickness 1
Rivet(black) R2056 8
Screw M3X5 8
double-screw bolt M3X8 4

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