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Skeleton Bot 4WD hercules mobile robotic platform

4WD Hercules Mobile Robotic Platform adheres to the spirit with strong power and complete function, and it is a companion for you to enter into the robot world where you can make your own robot mobile platform. Hercules, the Titan in Greek mythology, is widely known for his strength and spirit of adventure.

It consists of the component of Hercules motor controller, Hercules skeleton, gear motor etc. The Hercules motor controller can consistently support the current up to 15A and driving voltage in the range of 6V-20V, thus, it can supply strong motive power to the whole platform. The Hercules skeleton is made up of aluminium alloy plate with firm but pliable texture which can carry, display and connect sorts of accessories in your project. Its 4 powerful gear motors, especially a couple of them from Seeed’s original encipheror can monitor the running speed of your platform and amend the process parameter by the shaped closed-loop control. This provides a possibility to control precise process. Besides, other accessories such as wheels, cooper cylinder and acrylic guard plate that make the platform to be a completely mobile platform.

Hercules is a suite of open-platform. It is convenient for users to install all kinds of components through the hole sites on the board. In addition, the Grove connector reserved on the board can help the inventor input several sorts of sensor data into system. What’s more, Hercules controller is Arduino compatible, so you can freely alter the device drives and programs.


  • Strong motive power

  • Solid shell, awesome profile

  • close-loop control system

  • Arduino compatible board

  • Open and expandable, free to place other components into circuit to make a personal mobile platform.

Parts List

Parts Name Specification Material Quantity
1 Bracket-1 200*35*20mm*3.0mm L Aluminum extrusion 6061 2 pcs
2 Bracket-2 135*35*20mm*3.0mm L Aluminum extrusion 6061 2 pcs
3 Reducing-Motor 25GA-370 310rpm DC6V stalling torque:70kg 2 pcs
4 Reducing-Motor with encoder 25GA-370 310rpm DC6V stalling torque:≥7.0 2 pcs
5 Bracket Adapter Plate 29*12*2.0mm cold rolled plate 4 pcs
6 Screw 3*10mm Metal 30 pcs
7 nut M3*2.5mm Metal 4 pcs
8 Motor-connector Ф4mm*W12mm*L18mm Metal 4 pcs
9 Wheel Ф85mm*W31mm plastic+rubber 4 pcs
10 Spring Shim Ф7mm*Ф4mm Metal 4 pcs
11 Screw M4*8mm Metal 4 pcs
12 Under-plate 199*129*2.0mm Tea black Acrylic 1 pcs
13 washer Ф5.0*Ф3*5mm PA 4 pcs
14 power swicth / / 1 pcs
15 [Hercules Dual 15A 6-20V Motor Controller](/Hercules_Dual_15A_6-20V_Motor_Controller) 1 pcs
16 Screw M3*21mm Metal 4 pcs
17 Acylic-plate 53*12*2.0mm Transparent Acrylic 2 pcs
18 cover-plate 184*132*2.0mm Tea black Acrylic 1 pcs
19 Cu pillar M3*30mm-6mm signal stud 4 pcs
20 Top-plate 216*138*1.5mm AL plat 1 pcs
21 Screw M3*21mm Metal 4 pcs
22 Screw-driver M3-85mm / 1 pcs
23 Screw-driver 2.5-53mm / 1 pcs
24Power cable 150mm / 1 pcs
25 wire 160mm / 1 pcs


1) For details about the control panel, please refer [here](
2) The product specification of 25GA-370 Reducing-Motor.
Item Parameter
Working Voltage 4.0-7.0 DCV
Rotation CCW
No Load Current 280mA
Speed 310±12% r/min
Load Current 1600mA(max)
Speed 260±12% rpm
Rotation CCW
Startup Voltage ≤1.2V
Load Torque 1500.0
stalling torque ≥7.0
Stalling Current ≤9.0A

Assemble diagrams


About the usage of the kit, please click here. Here is a video, Showing the hercules strong:

Schematic Online Viewer


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