Things We Make

As a maker, the most exciting thing must be really making something and liked by peoples. Apart from the Seeed Community, we also like sharing things we make on Instructable, the most famous DIY hobbier's website.

Here is a list of what we have posted on Instructable, we love these projects and would like to share these projects with all Seeed's friends. These are also very good tutorials to learn how to use Seeed's products. Welcome to share things you made with us! If you have any query, advice, things to share, please contact with us via ae@seeed.cc. Happy hacking!

Item Project Photo Project Name
1 ArduinoPhone
2 Smart Router With WiFi Connection Visualization
3 ArduinoPhone 2.0 - an Open Source Mobile Phone
4 Air Quality Test Box
5 How to DIY a Gatling Gun-Style Voice-Controlled Wi-Fi Speaker
6 Paper Man:a Machine Created by Arduino and NFC.
7 DIY a Wi-Fi Speaker
8 ReRouter - Make an Extensible IoT Router
8 Pixel Shipped Counter Based on Arduino
10 Make Game With Rainbowduino
11 5 Minutes to DIY Your Own Pokemon Go SAFETY BADGE!
12 Super Easy DIY a Solar USB Charger Backpack!
13 DIY Smart House 2 - DIY a Humidifier
14 Open Source 3D Printing Xadow Modules Smart Watch
15 DIY a Sweet Gift for Your Parents
16 Raspberry Pi 2 Kraft Case
17 DIY a Simple Automatic Humidifier
18 Make a Steampunk Style Award Statuette
19 DIY Smart House 1 - Personal Voice Assistant (based on Raspberry Pi)
20 DIY an Automatic Plant Watering Device
21 Crazy Caterpillar - Arduino Robot W/Grove Joint & Infrared Sensor
22 A Social Printer for Special People
23 Make a Mini Toy Car With Arduino
24 DIY a Programmable Acrylic Monitor Stand
25 5 Design of Laser Cut Cases for 5 Popular Platforms
26 Make an Instructables Indicator
27 Facebook Like Monitor
28 Make a Bicycle Lamp Without Battery
29 Make a Cloud Control Pet Feeder
30 DIY a Pedometer Bracelet by Intel Edison And.....Paper
31 DIY a Wooden Laser Gun As a Xmas Present for Your Child
32 DIY a Bicycle Taillight With Arduino
33 DIY a Smart Monitoring Device Based on Win10 IoT
34 An AWS IoT Tutorial With LinkIt ONE
35 DIY Your ReSpeaker Adapter(Voice Control)
36 NFC Gift Box for Birthday Party
37 A Never Fall Beetle
38 How to Make a Screaming Halloween Pumpkin (Jack-o'-lantern)
39 DIY a Christmas 'Danbo' Robot With Remote Control
40 DIY a Missing Call Monitor
41 Build a Multimedia System Using Raspberry Pi2
42 DIY a Raspberry Game - 2048
43 DIY a Retro Wooden Lamp With BBG
44 Three Ways to Control Your Table Lamp
45 Laser Cutting a Cool Science Fiction Gauntlet
46 A Steam Punk Style Lottery Machine
47 Cosplay Zootopia With Electronic Module
48 Laser Cutting a Pixel Portrait About Yourself
49 Make a Hydroelectric Power Light
50 The Internet of Led Wall
51 Back in Time – Make Your Wooden Counter-clockwise Clock
52 Gesture-Controlled Pac Man W/ Arduino & Grove Gesture Module
53 Super Quickly DIY Web RC Car With Python and BeagleBone
54 Use I2C_LCD to Debug Your Project
55 Make a Speaker by Wood Laser Cutting
56 Huge Christmas Wall Decor Made With Arduino
57 Make a Solar Noctilucent Forest
58 Make a Voice-Control IR Remote Controller by Arduino
59 Make a Music Controlled Christmas Light With Arduino
60 A BeagleBone Tutorial - Getting Started With Motor Bridge Cape
61 Home Control Center Using BeagleBone Green Wireless
62 How to Make a Vivid Flashing Minecraft Creeper
63 DIY a Industrial Style Necklace With Nuts
64 How to DIY an in House Weather-telling Cloud
65 Plant Care System Based on Pi3 and Wio Node
66 Build a Kickstarter Monitor Within Half an Hour
67 LinkIt Smart 7688
68 Halloween Candy Machine
69 Summer Is Coming! Let's DIY a Carry-on UV Detector
70 Use I2C_LCD to Debug Your Project
71 A Plant Box With Lightning and Raining
72 DIY a Device for Explaining the RGB Primary Color
73 A Lovely Toy Car Named Cockroach
74 DIY a Colorful Pyramid
75 Draw Images on Your RePhone
76 Bell Girl
77 DIY a Electronic Badge With Various Beautiful Patterns!
78 DIY a Lovely Owl Electronic Pin
79 DIY a Gesture Keyboard That Can Control the Media Player
80 Rainbow Desk Ornament for Father
81 Build Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi With ReSpeaker Mic Array

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