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Note on XIAO ESP32C3 IO allocation

ESP32C3 has multiple boot modes, which mode to boot at power-on is controlled by GPIO2, GPIO8, and GPIO9. For example, when GPIO2=0, GPIO8=0, and GPIO9=0, C3 will enter UART_BOOT mode. XIAO esp32c3 only pulls up GPIO9 and adds a button to control it. GPIO8 and GPIO2 are not pulled up/down, which will cause customers to enter UART_BOOT mode in some special usage scenarios, resulting in Customers cannot upload programs


The XIAO ESP32C3's D9 connects to the ESP32-C3's GPIO9 (15), pull-up resistor (R6), and BOOT button.The BOOT button (and RESET button) allows you to manually switch the ESP32-C3's Boot Mode.


Pressing the BOOT button connects D9 to GND. So it is better to use D9 as a switch input.


D6 of the XIAO ESP32C3 is connected to U0TXD (28) of the ESP32-C3. The operating status of the 1st/2nd stage bootloader is output as text to U0TXD.


D6 is set as a UART output at startup, so if you use D6 as an input, you may accidentally generate a high current. So it is recommended to use the D6 pin only in output mode.

However, since this D6 is a UART output, you have to be careful about a few things: one is that it is HIGH in standby mode when not communicating. The other is the text output of the 1st/2nd stage bootloader. The signal flaps HIGH/LOW immediately after start-up and must be counteracted if necessary.

So try not to use D6. (It's okay to use it after you understand it, of course.)


D8 of the Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 is connected to GPIO8 (14) of the ESP32-C3.


GPIO8 is referenced when the boot mode is set to download boot by holding down the BOOT button and must be HIGH at that time. (Here it says: "The strapping combination of GPIO8 = 0 and GPIO9 = 0 is invalid and will trigger unexpected behaviour.")


If you use download boot, add a pullup resistor to make GPIO8 HIGH at boot time.

A special thanks to SeeedJP colleague matsujirushi for testing and contributing to this section. Here is the reference link to the original article.

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