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Edge Series Guide

Edge Series Introduction

EdgeBox ESP 100EdgeBox RPI 200EdgeLogix RPI 1000
EdgeBox-ESP-100 is a versatile, lightweight controller with wireless features and multiple Fieldbus options. It functions as a standalone PLC for field automation or serves as an industrial gateway, enabling communication with the original PLC for network and cloud connectivity.All-in-one industrial edge computing controllers based on Raspberry Pi. High-scalability, rugged design, rich IO resources, and compatibility with the Raspberry Pi industrial software ecosystem make it an ideal choice for smart automation and IIoT solutions.Powerful Raspberry Pi industrial controller with extensive IO, modular design, industrial bus support, and wireless capabilities. Ideal for all-in-one automation, excelling in managing complex systems with seamless cloud integration.

EdgeBox RPI 200 Application

Codesys for Edge Box RPi 200EdgeBox RPi 200 balena OS Setup
Wiki uses Codesys Development System V3 to program EdgeBox-RPI-200, a Raspberry Pi-based PLC. It installs CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi MC runtime. Codesys is an IEC 61131-3 software for industrial controller programming. Balena: IoT platform for developers to deploy and manage applications across device fleets. Supports diverse architectures, enabling easy updates and secure, reliable device operation in the field.
EdgeBox RPi 200 with N3uronEdgeBox RPi 200 with LoRaWAN® Module
Industrial Edge Platform for IIoT & DataOps facilitating seamless integration between plant floor and third-party applications. Enables bidirectional data pipelines, decouples devices from applications, and consolidates, models, processes, and visualizes operational data in a single source of truth. Enhances data availability across the organization. WM1302: Next-gen LoRaWAN® gateway module in mini-PCIe form-factor. Powered by Semtech® SX1302 baseband LoRaWAN® chip, it enhances long-range wireless transmission with increased sensitivity, reduced power consumption, and lower operating temperature. The wiki covers installation and usage details.

Ignition Edge

Edgebox RPI 200 Getting Started with Ignition Edge
Ignition Edge by Inductive Automation®: Tailored, lightweight Ignition® software solutions for field devices and OEM devices at the network edge. Simplifies and makes edge computing more affordable, enabling seamless extension of data collection, visualization, and system management to the edge of the network.

EdgeBox ESP 100 Application

EdgeBox-ESP-100 Getting Start with Arduino
EdgeBox-ESP-100: ESP32-based controller for lightweight automation. Features analog input for remote monitoring and control, suitable for PID control loops, logic sequencing, or acting as a gateway with wireless and field sensor expansion. The wiki covers hardware overview and Arduino programming instructions.

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