Starter bundle harness V1.0

Starter bundle harness is a board keeping the component of grove-starter bundle from collision.With a high quality, stuffs in the box can be really fastened.

NOTE:Before install the harness, Please get rid of the paper on it which protect the harness damaged.

Assemble Instruction


  • Grove compatible interface

  • Low power consumption (this is a joke)

  • 2.0cm x 2.0cm Grove module

Mechanic Dimensions

Bill of Materials (BOM) /parts list

Devic Value Details(size:mm)
Plastic Board(FEG) 1 115x172x2
Screw 4 pm2.5x12
Nut 4 m2.5
Paper washer 4 id3od7h2 (external diameter 3, internal diameter 7 ,thickness 2)
Paper washer 3 id3od7h4(external diameter 3, internal diameter 7 ,thickness 4)
Nut 4 m3
Hexagon plastic pillar(with screw) 4 m3x25
Plastic rivet 25 2.0X6.4(diameter 2 length 6.4 ,black)
Plastic rivet 3 3.0X10(diameter 3 length 10 ,black)
Plastic Bag 1 200X150


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