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Cloud and Chain

This topic here introduces the Seeed Studio product documentation regarding the cloud service, which supports processed data management from computing boards and offers real-time operations to the users. There includes the industrial SenseCAP Cloud services and other cloud service applications on this page.

SenseCAP Cloud Production

This portion here includes the cloud service offered by Seeed Studio, published for industrial IoT applications. Here you can find:
  • List of SenseCAP Cloud production
  • Instruction of data management and devices management of each production
  • Different API for different connecting purposes
  • Cloud & Chain Introduction

SenseCAP Dashboard / Portal

SenseCAP Protal
This is the SenseCAP Portal for data monitoring of SenseCAP sensors nodes and SenseCAP gateway.

SenseCAP HotSpot APP

SenseCAP HotSpot APP
This is the SenseCAP HotSpot APP used in mobile phones to manage LoRaWAN hotspot.
> Download / Hotspot Management / Remote Reboot / Hotspot on Dashboard

SenseCAP Mate APP

SenseCAP Mate APP
This is the SenseCAP Mate APP used in mobile phones to display data from SenseCAP sensors.
> Download / Bind Devices / Account / User


Use SenseCAP AI on SenseCAP Portal and SenseCAP Mate APP.
> Getting Started> Using XIAO ESP32C3 to connect


This is the SenseCAP API for devices and data management.
> Download PDF / Introduction / API Pricing
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