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Deploy Wiki Platform Locally

1. Fork and Download the Repository

a. Please visit the Seeed Studio Wiki Platform's Github Repository and then fork the 'wiki-documents' repository of your own.


b. Download the files into your local PC. If you don't have git you can download here.

git clone {your repository}


2. Download node.js

Please download the node.js according to your operating system(Windows, Mac).

3. Download Visual Studio Code

Please download the Visual Studio Code according to your operating system(Windows, Mac).

4. Install Yarn

Open the "Visual Studio Code" and use the followling command to install Yarn.

npm install --global yarn

For further information, please check here.

5. Automatically install dependencies using Yarn


For people using Windows operating system, please change "Powershall" to "Command Promat" and then execute yarn.

6. Build the wiki patform locally using Yarn

yarn start


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