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Scale up Your Creation with Seeed Studio Fusion

Collaborating with the community has been in our DNA since day one. To offer an easier way for you to work with us to scale up and commercialize your projects, our team at Fusion has been running a series of short and long term programs with an ultimate goal to help more developers realize their ideas, designs, projects and even solution with our Fusion one-stop services of hardware prototyping, mass production, customazation and other design customization sevice. To cop with this goal, here are some amazingly curated program and user cases that we’d love to highlight as your inspirations to scale up your creations.

Licensed Product Program


The act of licensing involves the cooperative partner (licensor) granting your own products such as software, hardware, trademarks, and brands to Seeed Studio through a contractual agreement. Seeed Studio offers comprehensive support in electronics manufacturing such as testing, certification, and engineering, as well as quality assurance services, promotion, sales, and global distribution through our extensive network and channels. From beginning to end, we guarantees attentive care and supervision for your product. More details about the program can be found here.

Licensed Products We're Looking for

Grove SensorsWio-E5 Powered Products
CM4-Based DesignsEdge AI (NVIDIA Jetson, BeagleBoneGreen, X86)

User Cases

RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer Series by RF Explorer TeamWio Terminal LoRaWAN Field Tester by Disk91Ochin CM4 Board by Flavio AnsoviniGrove for Scratch by T-Fab Works
CrazyflieWio Terminal Helium Monitor KitGrove UART WizFi360Grove AC-Voltage sensor
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