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This is Seraphina in Seeed Studio and welcome to the Seeed Studio weekly wiki! Each Monday, I will introduce you our latest wiki, including the ones related to our new products, the interesting projects published by Seeed Studio, and the tutorials, introductions, etc... You name it.

✨ For each week, when a collaborator contributes a project or fixes something important, we put the stars at the end of title of "Weekly Wiki" for more people be able to see their efforts👍.

Today is December 4th and a brand new week has begun! Check out what Seeed Studio did last week!

Latest Wiki Launched

reComputer is All You Need

In this document, we train and deploy a object detection model for traffic scenes on the reComputer J4012. This document uses the YOLOv8 object detection algorithm as an example and provides a detailed overview of the entire process. Please note that all the operations described below take place on the Jetson edge computing device, ensuring that the Jetson device has an operating system installed that is JetPack 5.0 or above.

Color Detection with reTerminal and Pi camera with OpenCV

Color detection, a core component of computer vision, involves identifying and analyzing colors in digital images or videos. Widely applied across industries, it enables tasks like object recognition in robotics, quality control in manufacturing, and even plays a role in restoring artworks. The algorithms behind color detection contribute to advancements in technology, influencing areas such as autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, and visual aesthetics in film and photography. In essence, color detection is a versatile tool that enhances our ability to interpret and interact with the visual world in numerous meaningful ways.

EcoEye Embedded Vision Camera Introduction

EcoEye is a camera with on-board machine vision capabilities encased in a portable and waterproof housing designed for remote deployments. Based on the openMV H7 Plus Cam, it is easy to set up and flexible to numerous applications. The internal power management and control system enables long-term operation and allows the integration of solar panel, countless sensors, and other external devices. The camera is thoroughly field tested, and results published in a scientific article.

LPWAN Dev Kit for Sidewalk

The LPWAN Asset Tracker Dev kit is based on Wio-WM1110 Wireless Module, gathers location data via passive WiFi scanning or GNSS, and communicates with the Amazon Sidewalk network bridges using the BLE and/or LoRa radios.


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