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This is Matthew in Seeed Studio and welcome to the Seeed Studio weekly wiki! Each Monday, I will introduce you our latest wiki, including the ones related to our new products, the interesting projects published by Seeed Studio, and the tutorials, introductions, etc... You name it.

Today is March 20th and a brand new week has begun! Check out what Seeed did last week!

Latest Wiki Launched​

Getting Started with Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 (Sense)​

We have launched the Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3(Sense) last week! The sense version integrates camera sensor, digital microphone and SD card supporting. Combining embedded ML computing power and photography capability, this development board can be your great tool to get started with intelligent voice and vision AI.

Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 Sense

Getting Started with Seeed Studio Round Display for XIAO​

Seeed Studio Round Display for XIAO is an expansion board compatible with all XIAO development boards. It features a fully covered touch screen on one side, designed as a 39mm disc. It contains onboard RTC, charge chip, TF card slot within its compact size, perfect for interactive displays in smart home, wearables and more.

Using LVGL and TFT on the Seeed Studio Round Display for XIAO​

In this section of the tutorial, we will focus on how to use the TFT_eSPI library and LVGL library to draw various rich and interesting dial patterns on the Round Display, and introduce the usage of some common functions of these two useful but complex libraries from simple to deep.

Deploy YOLOv8 on NVIDIA Jetson using TensorRT and DeepStream SDK​

This guide explains how to deploy a trained AI model into NVIDIA Jetson Platform and perform inference using TensorRT and DeepStream SDK. Here we use TensorRT to maximize the inference performance on the Jetson platform.


SenseCAP M2 Light Gateway Quick Start File​

SenseCAP S2120 battery-powered 8-in-1 LoRaWAN weather sensor measures air temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, light intensity, UV index, and barometric pressure. It enables low maintenance cost for its ultra-low power consumption, reliable performance, built-in Bluetooth, and app service for OTA configuration and remote device management. It supports multi-scenario applications like backyard, gardens, smart agriculture, meteorology, smart city, etc.

Existed Wiki Updated​

Update Firmware for Grove - Vision AI Module​

We have updated firmware for the Grove - Vision AI Module and rewrite the wiki. Please do not hesitate to show your opinion with us!

More Grove modules supported for SenseCAP S2110 Sensor Builder​

SenseCAP S2110 Sensor Builder is an open-source tool to build RS485 sensors. Now there are more Grove modules supported:

  • Grove - Gas Sensor(BME688)
  • Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor v2
  • Grove - TDS Sensor/Meter For Water Quality (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Grove - UV Sensor
  • Grove - Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  • Grove - Turbidity Sensor

Past Weekly wiki​

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