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Linkit Connect 7681


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The LinkIt Connect 7681 development board provides easy access to the five GPIO pins and one UART port — each with an LED — of the MT7681, to quickly connect peripheral controllers and electronic circuits. The MT7681 is provided on the LinkIt Connect 7681 module, which was co-designed with AcSiP. This module, which is only 15 x 18mm, will also be available separately for direct integration into your product’s PCB.

Key Features

  • Access to the five GPIO pins and one UART port provided by MT7681, with attached LEDs
  • WiFi antenna integrated on Linkit 7681 module
  • Power over USB (Micro USB port).
  • Open source hardware board reference design, including schematic, layouts, and pin details.


  • Chipset Core: MT7681 ANDES N9
  • Clock Speed: 80MHz
  • Flash: 1MB
  • RAM: 64KB
  • Power: on-board 1A 3.3V voltage regulator (can be powered from USB connector)
  • Connectors: UART/GPIO/SPI pins are available on connectors(100mil/2.54mm pitch);micro USB connector.
  • GPIO Voltage: 3.3V
  • PWM Output pin Count: 5
  • PWM levels: 0~20
  • UART Voltage: 3.3V
  • Wi-Fi Spec: 802.11 b/g/n for Station mode; 802.11 b/g for AP mode
  • Dimensions: 50 x 31 mm
  • Other: Onboard reset push-button.

Hardware Overview

Getting Started

Install USB Driver

Connect LinkIt Connect 7681 development board to PC’s USB port using a USB cable. The driver will be automatically installed.(As shown below in Windows7 OS)


If the driver does not install successfully, you can download and install FTDI Driver manually.

Getting started with MediaTek LinkIt Connect 7681 Developer’s Guide

This document provides you with a detailed introduction to the MediaTek LinkIt Connect 7681 SDK, step-by-step installation guide, and details on how to use it to create and run Wi-Fi applications. It also covers how to use the board upgrade tool provided in the SDK, an overview of the APIs and several how-to guides to undertake common Wi-Fi operations with code example. Details on how to create MediaTek Smart Connection apps for Android and iOS are also included.


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