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Popular Platforms


Seeed Studio has embraced and worked with a diverse range of platforms to cater to the ever-evolving needs of makers, hobbyists, and professionals alike.



NVIDIA® Jetson™ brings accelerated AI performance to the Edge in a power-efficient and compact form factor. The Jetson family of modules all use the same NVIDIA CUDA-X™ software, and support cloud-native to build, deploy, and manage AI at the edge across all industries. Seeed is the authorized reseller of NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kits and Elite Partner of the NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem. You can click here!



Among these platforms, Arduino stands out as a versatile and adaptable solution, offering multiple facets that serve various roles in the development and deployment of hardware and software for a wide array of projects. To find out more about Arduino products and guides offered by Seeed, please click here!

Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi (RPi), on the other hand, was initially conceived by a non-profit organization with the noble intention of promoting computer science education at an affordable cost, and its subsequent generations have expanded its capabilities, power, and applications. Here in Seeed, we provide the full range of RPi boards for sale as well as complementary accessories to help you get started with your project! To find out more abou our range of Raspberry Pi products and accessories, please click here!



Seeed has also worked with micro:bit, a user-friendly platform designed specifically for children to learn about the intricate interplay between software and hardware, fostering a deeper understanding of these two domains from an early age. To find out more, please click here!

Tech Support & Product Discussion

Thank you for choosing our products! We provide many forms of support to ensure that your experience with our products is as smooth as possible. We offer several communication channels to cater to different preferences and needs.

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