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Catalogue for SenseCAP Watcher

Introducing the Watcher Product Catalogue, your comprehensive guide to setting up, using, and maintaining your Watcher device. Discover the key features, customization options, and mounting possibilities that make Watcher the perfect monitoring solution. With detailed instructions, troubleshooting tips, and specifications, this catalogue empowers you to fully utilize your Watcher and experience peace of mind through advanced surveillance technology.

Getting Started

API Core

  • Watcher API Essentials Series 1# : Peripherals (Coming Soon)

  • Watcher API Essentials Series 2# : UI (Coming Soon)

  • Watcher API Essentials Series 3# : Audio (Coming Soon)

  • Watcher API Essentials Series 4# : Wireless (Coming Soon)

  • Watcher API Essentials Series 5# : SenseCAP Data Stream (Coming Soon)

  • Watcher API Essentials Series 6# : Tasks Flow (Coming Soon)


Base Part

  • Building development environment for Watcher based on ESP-IDF (Planning)

Designer Part

  • UI design for Watcher using SquareLine Studio (Planning)

  • Watcher with P5JS shocking effect display (Maybe)

Localised Deployment Part

  • Watcher and reComputer User's Guide (Planning)

  • Watcher uses local OpenAI services (Planning)

  • Watcher uses local Gemini services (Planning)

  • Watcher Controls Local Devices via Open Interpreter (Planning)

SNS Integration Part

  • Watcher & Twillio Message Alerts (Planning)

  • Watcher & Telegram Message Alerts (Planning)

  • Watcher & Discord Message Alerts (Planning)

  • Watcher & Whatsapp Message Alerts (Planning)

  • Watcher & X (Twitter) Message Alerts (Planning)

  • Watcher & Google Mail Message Alerts (Planning)

  • Watcher does schedule management with IFTTT (Planning)

Smart Home Part

  • Watcher as Home Assistant Smart Terminal (Planning)

IoT Platform Part

  • Watcher Data Streaming to Blynk Hosting (Planning)

  • Watcher Data Streaming to Ubidots Hosting (Planning)

  • Watcher Data Streaming to Losant Hosting (Planning)

  • Watcher Data Streaming to SenseCAP Hosting (Maybe)

Simulator Part

  • Developing Watcher with CodeCraft (Maybe)

  • Developing Watcher with Wokwi (Maybe)

Jack-of-all-trades Part

  • Watcher Data Streaming to Apache Kafka (Planning)

  • Watcher Data Streaming to Node-RED (Planning)

Open Source Material

In Preparation...

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Tech Support & Product Discussion

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