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Seeeduino V2.2 Atmega 168P

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Seeeduino is Arduino compatible board. Its design is based on Diecimila scheme, 100% compatible to its existing program, shield and IDEs. On the hardware part, remarkable changes are taken to improve the flexibility and user experience.



  • Inherits all of Arduino Diecimila's features.

  • Compatible to Diecimila's pin layout, screw hole and dimensions.

  • Evolved with SMD components

  • Improved on extensibility and convenience


This documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License 3.0.Source code and libraries are licensed under GPL/LGPL, see source code files for details.

The Version Update history


  1. USB/EXT power auto select

  2. Upgrade power capacitor

  3. Clean up layouts

  4. Reset easier

  5. Real Quartz Crystal

  6. Extern power Diode change to 1N4004(more power on Vin pin)


  1. Zero external power consumption when switched off

  2. Stronger Switches

  3. Second power supply for 5V direct input. [Caution] USE 5V ONLY!

  4. 150mA driver capacity under 3.3V

  5. 1.0mm slim PCB for lighter weighs

  6. Extra row reserved for pin headers


  1. Fixed bug - unnessesary via on Pin4 wire.

  2. Fixed bug - Lable mistakenly covered by switches.

  3. Added I2C and sensor port.

  4. Added an 100uF capacitor for vcc switch.

  5. Grouped new 100mil grid pins.

  6. Replaced reset buttons with metal ones.

  7. Rearranged texts and lables for clearer indications.


If you have questions or other better design ideas, you can go to our forum or wish to discuss.

Version Tracker

**Revision ** **Descriptions ** **Release Date**
Seeeduino V0.9 Initial public release
Seeeduino V1.1 -
Seeeduino V2.12 -
Seeeduino V2.2 -

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How to buy

Here to buy Seeeduino V2.2 Atmega 168P and Atmega 328P

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