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SenseCAP T1000 is a compact LoRaWAN® tracker that utilizes GNSS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for precise indoor & outdoor location tracking. It boasts self-geo-adaptive capabilities, local data storage, and an impressive months of battery life. Additionally, it is equipped with temperature, light, and motion sensors, making it ideal for a variety of location-based applications.



Accurate Positioning

GNSS, Wifi, BLE,3 positioning technologies for both indoor and outdoor solutions.

GNSS Positioning(Outdoor)

The tracker will get location outdoor via satellite system (GPS/BeiDou/more), then uploads the data to server by LoRa wireless.


Wi-Fi Positioning(Indoor)

Tracker scan the MAC address and RSSI of nearby Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and upload it through LoRaWAN. The application server needs to calculate the real geographical location based on the MAC address and signal strength (RSSI).


Offline Data Storage

Capable of storing 1000+ records locally. The storage capacity of 1 hour upload interval exceeds 40 days.

When the LoRaWAN signal coverage is weak or there is no network coverage, the data will be saved and entered in the next cycle. When the device returns to an area with the LoRaWAN network coverage, it will send the offline data automatically.


Cross-Regional Adaptability

T1000 provides seamless global LoRaWAN® region switching, automatically adjusting to the appropriate LoRaWAN® frequency plan based on detected location coordinates, ensuring optimal performance across Europe, pan-America, and beyond.


Months of Battery Life

Powered by the LR1110 and featuring low power consumption, the battery lasts for 3 months with 1 hour upload interval in GPS-only mode.


Temp,Light,Motion Sensors

Temperature & light sensors are included to keep track of the environmental data on the go. For example, temp data can be used to inference the possibility if the food / vaccine goes bad. Light data shows if it is seen by unwanted eyes.


Decentralized Gateway Network for location Provenance

Helium’s decentralized network is built on a trust mechanism where every gateway shares its location, and Helium validates the authenticity of these locations. When using Helium with T1000, by cross-checking the gateway’s location, you can have a approximate location of T1000. This provides an additional layer of validation, increasing the data’s validity compared to other networks.


Emergency Report

Motion sensor to detect anomaly, SOS button for emergency reporting and automatically switch to high-frequency data transmission





  • International Asset Tracing
  • Search And Rescue
  • Equipment Monitoring



Model Specification

We provide two different solutions for users, and comes in four versions: A, B, C, and D. T1000 A/B support regular GNSS positioning, while T1000 C/D support LoRa Cloud Geolocation Service.

  • T1000-A/T1000-B: GNSS data without special encryption.

  • T1000-C/T1000-D: GNSS data encrypted via Semtech LoRa Edge, GNSS data needs to be decrypted through LoRa Cloud.



General Parameters

Product ModelT1000-A/T1000-B/T1000-C/T1000-D
BackhaulLoRaWAN® (v1.0.4 Class A)
BluetoothBluetooth v5.1, setting via App
LoRaWAN Channel PlanIN865/EU868/US915/AU915/AS923/KR920/RU864

Range: -20 to 60℃;

Accuracy: ± 1℃ (min ±0.5℃, max ±1℃)

Resolution: 0.1℃

Light0 to 100% (0% is dark, 100% is brightest)
3-Axis Accelerometer3-Axis Accelerometer to detect movement
LED and Buzzer1xLED and 1x buzzer to indicate status
Button1xButton to operate and trigger events (SOS)
AntennaInternal (GNSS/LoRa/Wi-Fi/BLE)
Communication Distance2 to 5km (depending on gateway antenna, installation, and environments)
IP RatingIP65
Dimensions85 x 55 x 6.5 mm
Device Weight32g
Operating Temperature-20℃ to +60
Operating Humidity5% - 95% (No condensation)
CertificationCE /FCC /TELEC /RoHS /REACH


GNSS Constellation

T1000-A/B: GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou/QZSS

T1000-C/D: GPS/ BeiDou

GNSS Sensitivity-145dBm cold start / -160 dBm Tracking
GNSS Location Accuracy2.5m CEP 50%
Wi-Fi PositioningPassive scanning, uploads the scanned 4 MAC addresses
Bluetooth Positioninguploads the scanned 3 best signal MAC addresses of Beacon
Data CacheCache 1000 data when there is no LoRaWAN network


Battey CapacityRechargeable lithium battery, 700mAh
*Battery Life Estimates4 months on a single charge (uplink every 1 hour, only GNSS data)
Battery Life MonitoringPeriodic uplink battery level
Charge Cable (Adapter not included)USB magnetic charging cable, 1 meter
Power Input Voltage4.7 to 5.5V DC
Charging Temperature Limit0 to +45℃ (Beyond the temperature range, the charge will be limited, and the LED will blink quickly)
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