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Datacake Integrated(via TTS)

Datacake is a multi-purpose IoT platform, which provides the possibility of building custom IoT applications, without requiring programming skills.

To meet the growing need for building IoT applications, we’ve been working with Datacake to create templates to enable the community to add SenseCAP T1000 Tracker to Datacake through The Things Network conveniently and easily.


Before starting the setup, please check Connect SenseCAP T1000 to TTS to connect your SenseCAP T1000 Tracker to TTS first.

Configure The Datacake

To begin, register an account on Datacake.

Create a Workspace

First, create a Workspace on Datacake by navigating to the Create Workspace button in the upper left corner.


Add Device

Click Devices on the left hand menu. To add a new device, click the Add Device button on the right.


Choose LoRaWAN to add LoRaWAN devices.


We uploaded a template for users, you only need to select the product model and paste your device EUI to quickly set up.


Device Template: Seeed SenseCAP T1000


Get a API Token

Navigate to Account Settings on your Datacake workspace, and copy your API Token.


Configure The Things Stack

On The Things Stack, navigate to IntegrationsWebhooks, and click Add Webhook.


Choose the Datacake Webhook template.


Name your integration by filling in the Webhook ID and paste the API token from Datacake for the authorization.


Datacake Dashboard

Then you can check your devcie data on the Dashboard.


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