AVR USB Programmer


  • Can be used to program most AVR microcontrollers via USB (USBASP compatible. See http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/ for details)
  • A general purpose AVR Mega48 board with all I/Os brought to sides of board and holes matching 0.1 inch pitch prototype boards. Execllent for AVR experiments and developments. (Note: 07302 is shipped with ATmega48 on board)
  • Can be separately powered by adding two commonly available through-hole components
  • Compatible header provided for programming 062 oscilloscopes
  • Can be converted to Uart/USB converter by simply reflashing it with AVRCDC firmware (available at http://www.recursion.jp/avrcdc/ ) and adding one resistor

ApplicaHardware Installation

Click here to check the assembly drawing.

Bill of Materials (BOM) /parts list

  1. Accessory included:

    • 10-core programming ribbon cable
  2. Optional:

    • Mini USB cable


Tech Support

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