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Bracket for Infrared Proximity Sensor

This is an aluminum infrared proximity sensor bracket kit for Infrared Proximity Sensor. With this kit,one RB-421 Servo and one Infrared Proximity Sensor you can build a 2 degrees freedom servo mount assembly. This kit is professional in steering the infrared proxinity sensor on a robot for 180° of rotation side to side and front to back. These parts also have holes at 20mm spacings so they can be attached to Seeed ( Bundle Harness which has 20mm spacings as well.

Application Ideas​

  • Robot eyes
  • IR self controller

Mechanic Dimensions​


Hardware Installation​

For holding IR sensors while you can turn it with different angles

Bill of Materials (BOM) /parts list​

IR sensor bracket(10034R0)1
angle mounting bracket(10034R0)1
Plastic rivet2HKWASID3x5.5(diameter 3 length 5.5 ,black)
Plastic rivet10HKWASID2X4.8(diameter 2 length 4.8 ,black)
selflocking plastic rope22x56

Tech Support​

if you have any technical issue. submit the issue into our forum.

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