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LinkStar Introduction


LinkStar-H68K router equips quad-core Cortex-A55 RK3568 chip, featuring 4 Ethernet interfaces for dual-2.5G and dual-1G, along with Wi-Fi 6 technology(optional), while providing high storage capacity and media player functionality. In this wiki we will show you the hardware overview and how to quickly get started with LinkStar

Hardware Overviewโ€‹

This is the hardware overview of LinkStar - H68K, we here will present you the details about each component.

Power Supplyโ€‹

Operating Voltage5V~24V DC (12V-1A DC recommended)
DC Power Adapter12V-1A DC (recommended)
DC Power Adapter12-2A DC for additional hardware driver (recommended)
Type-C power supplyUnder 5V (not supporting quick charge)

Ethernet Networkingโ€‹

Chip Performaceโ€‹

RK3568 is a 4K flagship SoC chip with high cost performance owned by SWICK. It adopts ARM architecture and integrates a quad-core Cortex-A55 with a separate NEON coprocessor to support 4K video decoding and 3K video encoding. Many powerful embedded hardware engines provide optimized performance for high-end applications.


ETH0Supprot 1G Ethernet with RTL8211F PHY Chip
ETH1Supprot 1G Ethernet with RTL8211F PHY Chip
ETH2Supprot 2.5G/1G Ethernet with RTL8211F PHY Chip
ETH3Supprot 2.5G/1G Ethernet with RTL8211F PHY Chip
USB3.0 Type-CStraight through IO with 5V power supply(not supporting quick charge)
USB 3.0 Type-Ax1
USB 2.0 Type-Ax2
M2 WIFI(optional)MT7921 Module with PCIE2.0 interface
HDMIHDMI 2.0 for 4K output, both audio and visual
3.5mm Audio input/outputImplement by RK809-5 power supply chip
Infrared ReceiverIRM-3638 Model
TF card slotSDIO signal SDMMC0

Indicator Lightโ€‹

STAHard Disk indicatorETH indicator
Operating/Active indicatorHard Disk connection instructionsNetwork connection indication

Quick Startโ€‹

With pre-installed Andriod 11 system, you can directly use LinkStar once you received the package.


  • LinkStar
  • HDMI connector
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • 12V1A power adaptor


  • Step 1. Connect LinkStar with a monior and a mouse.

  • Step 2. Power it up by plugging 12V1A power adaptor and push the power button.

  • Step 3. The monitor will be shown as:

Please note that the right mouse button represents "return", as you click it the page will be returned.

Now you are good to go!


Tech Supportโ€‹

Please do not hesitate to submit the issue into our forum.

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