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H28K Introduction


The LinkStar-H28K has two Gigabit network ports that use PCIE/RGMII gigabit technology and a Quad-core chip. It has LPDDR4X 4GB memory and 8GB eMMC storage that can be expanded up to 512 GB with a TF card. It also has a 5V-12V Type-C connection for PD (Power Delivery) capability. In this wiki, we will show you the hardware overview.

Hardware Overview

This is the hardware overview of H28K, we here will present you the details about each component.


  • High-speed and Stable Network Ports: Features dual gigabit Ethernet ports with PCIE/RGMII technology. Its non-adapter network ports make the speed more stable.
  • Advanced Quad-Core Processor: Equipped with a high-performance RK3528 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 @1.5 GHz chip, providing efficient processing power for smooth and reliable operation.
  • PD Power Delivery Capability: Boasts a cutting-edge 5V-12V Type-C port with advanced PD (Power Delivery) support.
  • Expandable Storage and Memory: Comes with LPDDR4 2GB memory and 8GB eMMC storage. Supports TF card expansion, with a maximum capacity of 512GB.
  • Compact and Pocket-sized Design: Measuring only 55.2 x 65.15 x 22.6 mm. Its compact size makes it simple to incorporate into any area.
  • Operating system: QWRT (Based on OpenWRT)


ProcessorRK3528 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 @1.5 GHz
StorageOnboard 8GB eMMC
1× TF card slot for storage expansion(Maximum Support 512G)
Network1x PCIe + 1x RGMII Gigabit Ethernet Port
USB1x USB Type-C, for Power Supply1x USB 2.0 Type-A
Power Supply5V-12V Type-C (PD)

Indicator Light

Power IndicatorWork IndicatorWAN IndicatorLAN Indicator
Normal power connection indicatorSystem operating indicatorWAN port connection indicatorLAN port connection indicator

Quick Start

The H28K router does not come with a pre-installed system. You need to follow the tutorial below to manually install the operating system.H28K-install-system

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