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Linkstar Guide

Getting Started with Linkstar

Linkstar Applications presented by Seeed Studio

Here are some compelling projects that you can undertake using the Linkstar router.

Creating a smart home hub centered on Home AssistantFuture Home Entertainment: LinkStar-H68K Router and Plex Server
This article guides you in setting up Home Assistant on Seeed Studio's LinkStar H68K, deploying the ESPHome environment as an example despite soft routing system limitations.Explore the future of home entertainment with the LinkStar-H68K Router and Plex Media Server – this guide will walk you through the steps to create your own media server at home.
Streamlining Web Development The Perfect Duo - Linkstar and WordPressTaking Control: Self-Hosted Solutions for Office Management with LinkStar, Grocy, and BookStack
Step into this informative guide as we navigate through the installation process of WordPress using Docker and learn how to access the WordPress dashboard.Delve into this wiki where we showcase the integration of Grocy and BookStack in a self-hosted office server, empowered by a LinkStar router, providing a compelling solution for streamlined and organized operations.

Linkstar Applications presented by Community

Secure Remote Access: LinkStar + Tailscale VPNIntegrate Adblock with Linkstar Router for Ad-Free Browsing
Credit to Kasun Thushara
Experience secure remote access with the powerful combination of LinkStar router and Tailscale VPN.
Credit to Kasun Thushara
In this project, you will be explored the step-by-step process of installing and configuring Adblock on the Linkstar router.

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