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SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform Gateway Overview


SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN Gateway is a standard LoRaWAN® gateway that supports connecting to different network servers. It supports global LoRaWAN® frequency plans from 865 MHz to 923 MHz and can be used in multiple LoRaWAN® applications like smart building, environmental monitoring systems, precision farming, etc. It has wide-range coverage and strong signal output capability and other features, making it the perfect gateway for building a LoRaWAN® network.

  • The SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN® Gateway doesn't support the Helium network. It can not be connected with SenseCAP Hotspot APP and SenseCAP Dashboard.
  • Please contact the SenseCAP MX Team on the Official SenseCAP MX Community Discord Channel for tech support.

Key Features

  • Support Multiple LoRaWAN® Network Servers: Compatible with multiple LNS like AWS, TTN, ChirpStack, etc. via using the Packet Forwarder / Basics™ Station mode.
  • Built-in LoRaWAN Network Server: Provide a fast and reliable solution for launching a LoRaWAN network.
  • Support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE): For users who need to power the gateway on Ethernet instead of an extra power supply cable, the PoE feature is also added to this device, making your deployment more reliable and faster.
  • Wide-range Coverage and Strong Signal: Provides up to 10km of LoRaWAN® coverage and strong signal, allowing users to send data with extremely long ranges at low data rates.
  • Excellent and Stable Performance: The gateway is powered by the mature hardware solution MT7628 and Semtech SX1302 baseband Long Range chip. It supports Cellular(optional)、Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connection.
  • Professional Management Tools and Cloud Services: Users could easily set up the gateway in a few simple steps via Web Interface. SenseCAP Portal and SenseCAP Local Console are also developed for users to monitor and manage the gateway efficiently and easily.


SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN® Gateway is a standard LoRaWAN® gateway that supports connecting to different network servers.

As a LoRaWAN® gateway, it could be able to provide miles of wireless network coverage and data transmission capacity for your LoRaWAN® devices.

SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN® Gateway supports multiple applications like smart agriculture, smart city, or any smart project that requires network densification, providing both unique superior coverage and operational excellence.

The Gateway can be set up easily out of the box. Users can bind and manage the device through SenseCAP Mate APP and SenseCAP Portal in 4 steps. After that, users can start configuring the sensors in the same way to create the LoRaWAN® network solutions.

  1. Scan the QR code for device binding
  2. Connect gateway to internet and power on
  3. Check gateway status on the SenseCAP platform
  4. Connect sensors to the network and upload data to the cloud




SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN® Gateway can be configured in 2 ways:
1. Wi-Fi/ Ethernet access to the SenseCAP Local Console
2. Access the SenseCAP Local Console via SenseCAP Portal remotely

Additionally, If you want to deploy the SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN® Gateway outdoors, you might need to apply shell accessories to meet the requirements for outdoor deployments. Check the SenseCAP Outdoor Enclosure with high robustness for quick deployment




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