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Connecting to AWS IoT

Connect SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform Gateway to ChirpStack

  1. ¬†ChirpStack Configuration‚Äč

    ChirpStack provides open-source components for LoRaWAN networks. Together they form a ready-to-use solution including an user-friendly web-interface for device management and APIs for integration.
1.1 Add Gateway‚Äč

The default credentials are:Username: admin;Password: admin

Note:If you have not yet connected your ChirpStack Application Server instance with a ChirpStack Network Server instance, you need do this first. See Network servers. Also you need connect the organization with the network-server by creating a Service profile.

  • Step 2: Add gateway

Navigate to Gateways > Add gateway

Gateway name: A name of your gateway

Gateway EUI: Gateway EUI can be found on the device label or Local Console

1.2 Add Device‚Äč
  • Step 1: Add device profile

Before you can add your device to ChirpStack, you have to create a Device-profile if you haven't done this already.

Navigate to Device profile> Add device profile

Name: A name of your deivce profile

Region:Select the Region plan according to your gateway.

MAC version: LoRaWAN 1.0.3

Regional parameters revision: A

ADR algorithm: Default ADR algorithm( LoRa only)

Note: Select MAC version/Regional parameters revision/ADR algorithm according to your device. For details, please refer to:\_hub/

  • Step 2: Add device

Navigate to Application > Add Application

Click the application to which you want to add your device. Under the Devices tab, click Add device

Name: A name of your device

Device EUI: Device EUI can be found on the device label or SenseCAP Mate APP

Device profile: Choose the device profile we create in 1.2 step1.

  1. Gateway Configuration‚Äč

    Configure the gateway via the Web UI,please check the Quick Start to log into Local Console first.
  • Step 1: LoRa Network Settings

Navigate to LoRa > LoRa Network

Mode: Packet Forward

Packet Forwarder Settings:

Gateway EUI: It will automatically get the EUI of the connected gateway

Server Address: Your ChirpStack Server address

Server Port(Up/Down): 1700

Other settings can be left as default, or can be changed to suit your requirements.

  • Step 2: Channel Plan Settings

Navigate to LoRa > Channel Plan

Select the Region and Frequency plan according to the actual choice.

After setting, click Save&Apply

  1. Data View‚Äč

  • Gateway data

Navigate to Gateways, choose the gateway you want to check

  • Device data

After adding your LoRaWAN device to ChirpStack, validate that your device is able activate (in case of OTAA) and send data.

Navigate to Applications > Devices, choose the device you want to check

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