Xadow - Q Touch Sensor

The Q Touch Sensor is a high sensitivity and high noise immunity touch input device.It is based on Atmel AT42QT1070.

The AT42QT1070 modulates its bursts in a spread-spectrum fashion in order to heavily suppress the effects of external noise, and to suppress RF emissions. The QT1070 uses a dual-pulse method of acquisition. This provides greater noise immunity and eliminates the need for external sampling capacitors, allowing touch sensing using a single pin.


  • Operating Voltage: 3 ~ 5.5V
  • Operating Current @3.3V: 1mA
  • Touch Keys: 7 Keys ; key0 ,key1 ,key2 are on the Xadow PCB bottom side
  • Communicating Protocol: I2C
  • I2C Address: 0x1B

Interface Function

  • ①:Touch key3 , key4 break out
  • ②:Touch key5 , key6 break out

The recommended range for key capacitance Cx is 1 pF – 30 pF. Larger values of Cx will give reduced sensitivity.

  • ③:Xadow interface
  • ④:On board touch key0
  • ⑤:On board touch key1
  • ⑥:On board touch key2



When you touch the key pad on the board ,you will see the message from a serial port.

Hardware Installation

  • Connect Xadow - Q Touch Senor to Xadow - Main Board

Software Part

  • 1) Download the library [Q Touch Library];

  • 2) Unzip it into the libraries file of Arduino IDE by the path: ..\arduino-1.0.5\libraries.

  • 3) Open the code directly by the path: File -> Example -> getTouchNumber.ino

  • 4) Upload the code. Note that you should select the correct board type and COM port.

You can see :

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Tech Support

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