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Xadow Tutorial - Communicate via BLE

Have you ever thought this scene: Open phone, I can see the current barometric pressure or motion acceleration. the Xadow module can help you achieve this.

For this demo, you need to use the

  • Xadow Main Board

  • Xadow OLED

  • Xadow Accelerometer

  • Xadow BLE Slave

If you have learned to achieve Demo 1 and Demo 2, you just need to connect the Xadow Main Board, Xadow OLED, Xadow Accelerometer and Xadow BLE Slave modules and download the code:BLE_Slave.

Now you can open BLE_Slave INO file, compile and upload.

You can see there are two commands(ledon and ledoff) in the phone screen. They are used to control the GREEN indicator state. Have a try!


Demo3 BLESlave Code

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