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Getting Started with CVEDIA-RT on NVIDIA® Jetson Devices

CVEDIA-RT is a modular, cross-platform AI inference engine that provides the solid foundations for building decision support systems. It's designed from the ground-up with developers and integrators in mind, providing both high and low-level interfaces.

This wiki will walkthrough how you can easily install CVEDIA-RT on the NVIDIA Jetson platform and start building exciting applications.

Hardware Supported

CVEDIA-RT is supported by the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • NVIDIA Jetson
  • Ambarella

However, in this wiki we will only focus on how to deploy CVEDIA-RT on the NVIDIA Jetson platform.


  • NVIDIA Jetson device running NVIDIA JetPack with all SDK components installed and connected to the internet

  • Host PC with Windows, Linux or Mac and connected to the internet

Download CVEDIA-RT Installer for NVIDIA Jetson

Step 1: Visit this page and click Sign in

Step 2: Sign up for a new CVEDIA account or sign in with your Google account

Step 3: Click Download under NVIDIA Jetson

Step 4: Click Docker(Recommended) to download tar.gz file which includes the CVEDIA-RT installer

Install CVEDIA-RT on NVIDIA Jetson

Step 1: Move the file that you downloaded before to a new folder on the Jetson device and extract it by executing

tar -xzvf <filename.tar.gz>

Step 2: Inside the extracted folder on the Jetson device, run the installer script

sudo ./

Respond to the prompts in the installer script according to your needs


Run the application


Now you will see CVEDIA-RT application opened as follows and it already comes pre-loaded with many different applications out-of-the-box such as:

  • Crowd estimation
  • Drone detection
  • Fall detection
  • Lane occupancy
  • Vehicle type counter
  • Package detection and more!

If you want to run CVEDIA-RT locally without an internet connection, run as follows

./ -U

However, you need to run a specific application at least once with internet so that the necessary files and models are downloaded

Explore the pre-loaded applications

Now we will explore a couple of application which comes out-of-the-box and how you can configure them

Step 1: Click on intelligent-transportation-systems and click the run button next to the lane-occupancy solution

Now it will download the necessary files such as the model file, config file, example video file and start the demo. Here you will see zones drawn according to the lanes and each zone indicating how many vehicles are inside that particular zone.

Step 2: Change settings according to your preference inside the application such as turning ON/OFF bounding boxes and labels, changing zones, zone colors and more

Step 3: STOP or PAUSE the demo using the two icons next to lane-occupancy

Step 4: Click the gear icon next to lane-occupancy, click Edit Source to change the video stream according to your preference

Here you have multiple options to choose from

Step 5: Once you select your desired video source, you can click Save Instance to run the application with the video source you have selected

Note: Make sure to stop the application and run again for the changes to take into effect

Step 6: Similarly, you can navigate to another solution such as people_walking under crowd-estimation and click the play button to run the solution

Here you can configure further settings and change the video stream just like the previous solution mentioned

Learn more

CVEDIA-RT offers very detailed and comprehensive documentation. So it is highly recommended to check them here.

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