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reComputer-Jetson® Guide

Getting Started with reComputer-Jetson®

Getting Started with reComputer-Jetson® J10X/J20XHardware Layout of reComputer-Jetson® J10X/J20X
Follow the instructions, connect peripherals, you can power it up and directly use it in few seconds. You will get the basic idea of the reComputer J10/J20 for Jetson Series hardware layout here.

Getting Started with reComputer-Jetson® J30X/J40XHardware Layout of reComputer-Jetson® J30X/J40X
Follow the instructions, connect peripherals, you can power it up and directly use it in few seconds.You will get the basic idea of the reComputer J30/J40 for Jetson Series hardware layout here.

OS Installations

reComputer-Jetson® J1010/J101reComputer-Jetson® J1020v1/A206reComputer-Jetson® J1020v2/J202

reComputer-Jetson® J30X/J40XreComputer-Jetson® A603reComputer-Jetson® A607

reComputer-Jetson® A203reComputer-Jetson® A205reComputer-Jetson® Jetson Mate


Maskcam - Crowd Face Mask Usage Monitoring based on Jetson NanoKnife Detection: An Object Detection Model Deployed on Triton Inference Sever Based on reComputerDeploy Detection Model on Jetson by No Code Edge AI Tool
In this wiki, we have implemented a mask detection feature using Jetson. We provide this fundamental project that we are going to deploy a Deep Learning model on reComputer J1010 to detect prohibited items. In this wiki, we'll go over how to download and install what we need under a fresh NVIDIA Jetson system, then open the Edge AI Tool and perform object detection with a live camera.

DashCamNet and PeopleNet with Jetson Xavier NX MulticameraIntelligent Traffic Management System using DeepStream SDKGetting Started with Docker
In this wiki, we deploy a TAO pre-trained model on Jetson and achieve high-speed inference.For this AI vision application, we will use DeepStream SDK by NVIDIA and perform inference at the edge on an NVIDIA Jetson device.In this wiki, we attempt to install Docker Compose and run Docker containers on Jetson.

Update Jetson Linux Over-the-Air Using AllxonHow to Train and Deploy YOLOv8 on reComputer
Allxon can help you to upload the OTA Payload Package and make sure it can work. You will come across this step later in this wiki.In this wiki, we train and deploy a object detection model for traffic scenes on the reComputer J4012.


Tech Support & Product Discussion

Thank you for choosing our products! We are here to provide you with different support to ensure that your experience with our products is as smooth as possible. We offer several communication channels to cater to different preferences and needs.

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