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Jetson AI Developer Tools

Deploying an AI idea can be faster, flexible, and even scalable for everyone. Seeed for Jetson Platform targets on helping educators, developers and enterprises deploy ML in the real world. By consolidating Seeed’s best-in-class hardware, cutting-edge technology from our software partners and all developers from the community, we aim at emerging all kinds of AI scenarios in our open-source platform to faster industry digital transformation. We are looking for partners to join our ecosystem together to deliver solutions to different industries together. Please send an email to [email protected] for more partnership ecosystem information.

CVEDIA-RT is a modular, cross-platform AI inference engine that provides solid foundations for building decision support systems. It's designed from the ground-up with developers and integrators in mind, providing both high and low-level interfaces.
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Getting Started with CVEDIA-RT on NVIDIA® Jetson Devices >
Lumeo is a no-code video analytics platform that enables you to rapidly design, deploy, and monitor custom video analytics and other vision-AI enabled applications.
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Getting Started with Lumeo on NVIDIA® Jetson Devices >
alwaysAI provides developers and enterprises a comprehensive platform for building, deploying and managing Computer Vision applications on IoT devices.
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Getting Started with alwaysAI on NVIDIA® Jetson Devices >
Ultralytics YOLOv8 is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art (SOTA) model that builds upon the success of previous YOLO versions and introduces new features and improvements to further boost performance and flexibility. YOLOv8 is designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of object detection and tracking, instance segmentation, image classification and pose estimation tasks.
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Deploy YOLOv8 on NVIDIA Jetson using TensorRT and DeepStream SDK >
YOLO is an abbreviation for the term ‘You Only Look Once’. It is an algorithm that detects and recognizes various objects in an image in real-time. YOLOv5 🚀 is a family of compound-scaled object detection models trained on the COCO dataset, and includes simple functionality for Test Time Augmentation (TTA), model ensembling, hyperparameter evolution, and export to ONNX, CoreML and TFLite.
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Few-Shot Object Detection with YOLOv5 and Roboflow >
Roboflow lets you annotate images super fast, right within your browser. Easily train and deploy a working computer vision model even if you are not a machine learning exper.
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Few-Shot Object Detection with YOLOv5 and Roboflow >
Road signs detection using YOLOv5 and Ultralytics HUB >
Wildfire Smoke Detection using YOLOv5 and Roboflow on NVIDIA Jetson >
Allxon is an essential edge device management solution that simplifies and optimizes business operations management by bonding together the AI/IoT ecosystem: hardware (IHV), software (ISV), and service providers (SI/MSP). Allxon enables efficient and secure remote hardware management services for the NVIDIA Jetson platform.
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Getting Started with Allxon >
Deci builds an end-to-end platform that enables AI developers to build, optimize, and deploy ultra-fast deep learning models on any hardware. You can use pre-optimized models or self-contained models to efficiently train models from scratch, and can automatically optimize hardware for inference performance.
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How to Deploy and Boost Inference on NVIDIA Jetson >
Getting Started with Deci on NVIDIA® Jetson Devices >
pirEdge Impulse
Edge Impulse is the leading development platform for machine learning on edge devices, free for developers and trusted by enterprises. Accelerate ML solution development using low-code to advanced integrations with the support from an expert.
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Hard Hat Detection with Edge Impulse >
Cochl.Sense allows computers to understand sounds with machine listening technologies. With advanced audio processing and neural network techniques, it provides noise-robust and environment-independent machine listening. Just input your audio data (either file or stream) into Cochl.Sense, and it will detect and return what kind of the input sound is. It can be used on any device, any platform (smart speakers, IP cameras, etc.).
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Getting Started with Cochl.Sense on NVIDIA® Jetson Devices >

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