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Connecting to ChirpStack

ChirpStack Configuration

ChirpStack provides open-source components for LoRaWAN networks. Together they form a ready-to-use solution including an user-friendly web-interface for device management and APIs for integration.

Add Gateway

Before starting, please Login into the ChirpStack Application Server.

The default credentials are:Username: admin;Password: admin


If you have not yet connected your ChirpStack Application Server instance with a ChirpStack Network Server instance, you need do this first. See Network servers. Also you need connect the organization with the network-server by creating a Service profile.

Navigate to Gateways > Add gateway


Gateway name: A name of your gateway

Gateway EUI: Gateway EUI can be found on the device label or Local Console


Add device profile

Before you can add your device to ChirpStack, you have to create a Device-profile if you haven't done this already.

Navigate to Device profile> Add device profile


Name: A name of your deivce profile

Region:Select the Region plan according to your gateway.

MAC version: LoRaWAN 1.0.3

Regional parameters revision: A

ADR algorithm: Default ADR algorithm( LoRa only)


Select MAC version/Regional parameters revision/ADR algorithm according to your device. For details, please refer to:\_hub/


Add device

Navigate to Application > Add Application


Click the application to which you want to add your device. Under the Devices tab, click Add device


Name: A name of your device

Device EUI: Device EUI can be found on the device label or SenseCAP Mate APP

Device profile: Choose the device profile we create in 1.2 step1.


Gateway Configuration

Configure the gateway via the Web UI,please check the Quick Start to log into Local Console first.

LoRa Network Settings

Navigate to LoRa > LoRa Network


Mode: Packet Forward

Packet Forwarder Settings:

Gateway EUI: It will automatically get the EUI of the connected gateway

Server Address: Your ChirpStack Server address

Server Port(Up/Down): 1700

Other settings can be left as default, or can be changed to suit your requirements.


Channel Plan Settings

Navigate to LoRa > Channel Plan


Select the Region and Frequency plan according to the actual choice.

After setting, click Save&Apply


Data View

Gateway data

Navigate to Gateways, choose the gateway you want to check.


Device data

After adding your LoRaWAN device to ChirpStack, validate that your device is able activate (in case of OTAA) and send data.

Navigate to ApplicationsDevices, choose the device you want to check.


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