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Trackpac Integrated

Trackpac is an innovative IoT (Internet of Things) Dashboard management system designed to streamline the supervision, control, and notification processes for a wide range of IoT devices. These devices encompass a variety of functionalities, including trackers, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, level indicators, and other sensor-based data measurement tools.

The content of this chapter will guide users how to connect the SenseCAP T1000 Tracker to Trackpac.

Configure the Device

Please check the Quick Started to set up your device correctly.

Select the platform to Other Platform, configure the APP EUI to the recommended value:


If you ever want to change it back, a reset will restore the orignal keys.

Then copy the Device EUI, APP EUI and APP key.


Configure the Trackpac portal

Login to Trackpac portal.

Add Device

Navigate to Devices, click the + icon to add a new device.


Choose Enter Keys Manually, name your device, and configure the Device EUI, APP EUI,APP key.

LoRaWAN Network: Helium

Device Type: SenseCAP T1000

Then click Add Device.



Then your SenseCAP T1000 is now successfully integrated with Trackpac, you can check the data now.


Add Geofence(optional)

Before adding a geofence, you need to add contacts first.

Navigate to the Contacts section, and click the + button top right.


Enter Name and Select Contact Type: In the fields provided, enter the contact's name. Select the type of contact you're adding—whether they will receive alerts via SMS, Email, or Both.

Input the contact's email and/or phone number in the respective fields.

After entering all necessary information, click the Add button to finalize and add the contact.


Navigate the Geofences option.


Click the + arrow.


Enter Geofence Name and set Radius: Use the slider or input field to set the radius of the geofence in meters.

Configure Alerts: Toggle on or off whether you want to receive alerts when the geofence boundary is crossed.

  • Out of Hours: Specify if you want to receive alerts only outside of certain hours.

  • Start and End Time: If "Out of Hours" is selected, input the time range during which you don't want to receive alerts.

Select Contacts for Alerts:

Choose which of your saved contacts should receive geofence alerts by entering in their names, or by clicking the box and selecting them from the list.

Set Geofence Center:

  • Click on the Map: Use your mouse to click on the location where you want the center of the geofence to be.

  • Use Geolocate: Alternatively, you can use the geolocate function (usually represented as a compass or location icon) to zoom into your current location and set it as the geofence center.

Click Add Geofence to save.


Then you will get alerts when a tracker enters or exits the geofence.

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