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Wireless Sensor Node - Solar Kit

Wireless Sensor Node - Solar Kit is an easy to use bundle created for experimenting with XBee and XBee compatible standalone wireless modules like RFBee and Wifi Bee. Every maker is confronted with the question of selection the right set of components to build Wireless Sensor Node. Wireless Sensor Node - Solar Kit fills this place very appropriately. The Grove - XBee Carrier provides LDO power supply, charger for LiPo Battery and programming port for XBee compatible modules. The Solar Panel provides the required charging voltage in remote areas. The 500 mAH LiPo Battery provides the backup when the Sun is away. A properly designed and configured wireless module could provide very long hours of usage. For this, put the node to sleep when not transmitting the sensor value. This kit comes with a perfectly made Transparent Box , sets of Screws and Plastic Rivets.

  • We suggest you to buy more than one kit to create a distributed array of Sensor Nodes.

  • Bees Shield along with Seeeduino and Wifi Bee can act as Wireless internet Gateway for these nodes.

Contents of the Kit

Application Ideas

  • Distributed Wireles Sensor Nodes with XBee or WifiBee or RFBee.

  • Build Data Loggers when connected with Wireless Gateway.

  • Intelligent Home Network

  • Industrial Automation

  • SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition.) systems


  • Insert the Bees in the right direction.


Item Specification
Grove - XBee Carrier I/O Logic 3.3V
LiPo Battery 500mAH @ 3.7V
Solar Panel 0.5Watt @ 5.5V


Wireless Sensor Node Field Use - Charged by Solar Panel"

Quick Start Guide

This section provides a Step-by-Step construction of a Wireless Sensor Node. Images are only for illustrating the procedure of that step. We have used two different setups of Grove - Xbee Carrier and Grove modules. So, just follow the procedure.

1Open the box as shown
1.1Place the LiPo Battery inside the Box
1.2Insert the Solar Panel Connector
1.3Open the plastic rivet
1.4An opened rivet looks like this
1.5Attach a Grove module with the help of Rivets. Keep the Grove - Bee Carrier as shown inside the transparent box.
2.3A fully closed rivet looks like this
3.0Attach the 4-Wire Grove Cable, Battery and Solar Panel Connectors to Grove - XBee Carrier
4.0Insert XBee module. Fix the Screw at four corners
5.0Close the lid. USB socket and Power Switch are accessible from the side
6.0Connect the USB cable and program the XBee

Programming with various Bee Modules

Information on how to setup / program Bee Modules are available in

LiPo Being Charged by Solar Panel"

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