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The Grove Shield for Wio Lite is made for Seeed Studio Wio Lite Series. Now the Wio Lite W600 is available, we will release more Wio boards soon. Also, this Grove Shield can work with Adafruit Feather Boards. It brings 200+ Grove modules to Wio Lite and Feather community.

This Shield can break out the processor pins of Wio Lite (for instance, it is SAM D21 for Wio Lite W600) into the form of header and Grove connectors. There are 4 Grove digital connectors and 4 Grove analog connectors, a Grove UART port, and a Grove I2C port.


Operating voltage3.3 / 5V
Operation Temperature-25℃ to +85℃
Analog Ports4
Digital Ports4
UART Ports1
I2C Ports1
Size60mm x52mm

Compatible Boards

The Base Shield is tested and fully compatible with following boards:

And this board is also form factor compatible with the other Adafruit Feather Boards. Please match the pin number when you use this shield with those Adafruit Feather Boards.

Hardware Overview

  • Analog Ports: include 4 anlog ports, 5 anlog pins

A0 Port including A0 and A1 pins

A1 Port including A1 and A2 pins

A2 Port including A2 and A3 pins

A3 Port including A3 and A4 pins

  • Digital Ports: include 4 digital ports, 5 digital pins

D5 Port including D5 and D6 pins

D6 Port including D6 and D9 pins

D9 Port including D9 and D10 pins

D10 Port including D10 and D11 pins

    Since adjacent ports contain the same pin, for example, both port A0 and port A1 have A1 pins, be careful not to have pin conflicts when using adjacent ports at the same time.For instance if module X uses A1 pin of A0 port, then you should not use A1 pin of A1 port for another module. 
  • UART Port: 1 UART port.

  • I2C Ports: 1 I2C ports.

  • Power Switch: If you use USB type C to power your Wio Lite board, then select the 5V mode, and if you use the lipo battery, please select the 3.3V mode.


For the pinout, please refer to the silkscreen on the backside of this shield.

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Tech Support & Product Discussion

if you have any technical issue. submit the issue into our forum. Thank you for choosing our products! We are here to provide you with different support to ensure that your experience with our products is as smooth as possible. We offer several communication channels to cater to different preferences and needs.

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