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Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit


The WM1110 Dev Kit is based on Wio-WM1110 Wireless Module, integrates Semtech's LoRa® transceiver and a multi-purpose radio front-end for geolocation. The LoRa® transceiver provides low-power, high-sensitivity network coverage, while GNSS (GPS/Beidou) and Wi-Fi scanning offer all-round location coverage. while also providing connectivity options for a variety of peripherals.



  • Low-Power High-Sensitivity LoRa/(G)FSK Half-Duplex RF Transceiver: Frequency bands support in the range 863- 928MHz
  • Multi-Purpose Radio Front-End for Geolocation: GNSS (GPS/ BeiDou),Wi-Fi,Bluetooth
  • Rich GPIOs: Over 400 Grove-compatible GPIOs for flexible expansion options.
  • Open Source Platform: Leverage the extensive LR1110 and nRF52840 open source ecosystem for infinite application possibilities.

Low Power LoRa® Transceiver

Benefit from Semtech‘s LoRa Edge™ LR1110, the Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit provides long-distance, low-power LoRa® communication. To learn about Long Range and its features such as network architecture and applications, you can check out An introduction of LoRa® and LoRa®WAN® technology, It explains what Long Range is, how it works, and its pros and cons.

Location Service

The Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit integrates Multi-Purpose Radio Front-End Targeting Geolocation Purposes. It's equipped with GNSS dedicated for outdoor positioning, as well as WI-FI and Bluetooth low-power scanning for indoor positioning. It's able to automatically transition between outdoor and indoor activities, replacing the need to build different trackers for indoor or outdoor use, this provides all-around location coverage while reducing complexity and cost.

Outdoor Positioning(GNSS)

The Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit integrates GNSS (GPS/ BeiDou) low-power scanning, getting data from satellites and sending it encrypted to the LoRa® Cloud, reducing power consumption and improving security.


IPS(Wi-Fi+Bluetooth) Complementary to outdoor GNSS, WM1110 Dev Kit also supports Wi-Fi ultra-low-power passive scanning and Bluetooth scanning suitible for indoor positioning, it scans the MAC address and RSSI of nearby Bluetooth beacons/Wi-Fi, upload the data to the cloud services to get the accurate location.


Rich peripherals

In addition to the built-in TH sensor and 3-axis Accelerometer, this kit also includes a series of peripheral interfaces,supports ADC/UART and IIC transmission protocols, which can be connected to 400+ Grove modules, allowing for easy upgrades to smarter solutions. It's also compatible with Arduino, providing developers with unlimited possibilities.


Develop User Applications

Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit is a fully open source powerful IoT development platform for developers, also includes a set of example applications and code samples, as well as a software development kit (SDK) to help you get started.

Schematic Diagram



LoRa® and Positioning (Semtech LR1110)

LoRa®WAN ProtocolV1.0.4

-125dBm @125K/SF7

-141dBm @125K/SF12

Output Power20dBm max @LoRa®
Positioning TechnologyGNSS(GPS,BeiDou),WiFi
Range2~10km (Depends on antenna and environment)

Bluetooth(Nordic nRF52840)

BluetoothBluetooth 5.3
ProtocolBluetooth LE,Bluetooth mesh,Thread,Zigbee,802.15.4, ANT and 2.4 GHz proprietary stacks
Output Power6dBm max @Bluetooth

Built-in Sensors

TH Sensor (SHT41)


3-axis Accelerometer(LIS3DHTR)

±2g, 4g, 8g, 16g0.5Hz ~ 625Hz1000 (±2g) ~ 83 (±16g)



Tech Support

Need help with your Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit? We're here to assist you!

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