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Grove Starter kit for Arduino & Genuino 101

Grove system is designed to connect a processor to the real world through different transducers (such as sensors and motors), expansion boards and Grove wires which look like a ribbon cable. With Grove system, you will not bother to handle excessive and complicated connections as you used to do. No soldering tool, breadboard and jumper wire were required. You just need to plug plenty of transducers to development board with base shield expansion boards and Grove cables. Grove system is very helpful for accelerate your project development process, especially for a novice.

Note that all content herein also applies to Genuino 101.

Version Tracker

Product version Release date Support status Notes
Grove Starter kit for Arduino 101(v1.0 current version) April 2016 Supported None


  • Grove port interfaced to save time and reduce difficulties for a novice

  • All functional modules are fundamental and essential for learning.

  • Cut down overheads as a kit

  • Interesting and step-by-step demo

Platform supported

Platform Seeeduino/Arduino Rasberry Pi LinkIt One Beaglebone LinkIt ONE
Supported status Supported, except for Base Shield which only applies to Arduino/Seeeduino platform.

Hardware Overview

This section lists main parts in this kit and links to get more information for each functional modules.

Parts list

Parts name Quantity Links for more information
Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor(P) 1 piece [](/Grove-Rotary_Angle_Sensor)
Grove – Button1 piece [](/Grove-Button)
Grove - Touch Sensor 1 piece [](/Grove-Touch_Sensor)
Grove LEDs1 piece[](
Grove - Buzzer1 piece[](/Grove-Buzzer)
Grove - Sound Sensor1 piece[](/Grove-Sound_Sensor)
Grove - Light Sensor1 piece[](/Grove-Light_Sensor)
Grove - Temperature Sensor1 piece[](/Grove-Temperature_Sensor)
Grove - Relay1 piece[](/Grove-Relay)
Grove - Servo1 piece[](/Grove-Servo)
Grove - LCD RGB Backlight1 piece[](/Grove-LCD_RGB_Backlight)
Base Shield V2.01 piece[](/Base_Shield_V2)
User Manual (printed copy) 1 piece [](

Getting Started

Fundamentals with Arduino

You need to know some essential knowledge if it is the first time that you get involved with Arduino. We have prepared some documentations for you to start with Arduino quickly and effectively. You can visit

Arduino Sketches (basic example for each module)

After you have gotten an LED blinking (for Windows user, you can find it at, you can find other versions for Mac OS and Linux variants at ), you still need to get familiar with Seeedstudio Grove system at And now, you can do some more practical quizzes which are specialized designed for this kit. Download the sketches of quizzes at


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Arduino 101 BLE Rover:Converting a rover to use the Arduino 101 including the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio and 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

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