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Grove Creator Kit

Grove Creator Kit - Learn, Build & Explore!โ€‹

We have been cooking electronics kits for quite a while now and Grove Creator Kit is one of the very important kits that we have made so far. That is because we wanted to help developing countries by designing a kit that is very cost effective, fits the market needs and thereby allowing everyone with a passionate mind about electronics to get access to open-source electronics.

The Grove - Creator Kit is one of the best kits for creators of any age, whether you are complete beginners or have prior experience in electronics. This kit will help you get rid of traditional soldering and complicated wiring and thereby opening doors into the Grove ecosystem. Learn more about Grove here!.

Here is an introductory video of the Grove Creator Kit!

Three different kitsโ€‹

This kit comes in three different flavors, namely, ฮฑ, ฮฒ and ฮณ which includes 20, 30, 40 electronics modules respectively. This will allow you to have a never-ending session of creativity.

Grove Creator Kit - ฮฑโ€‹

Grove Creator Kit - ฮฒโ€‹

Grove Creator Kit - ฮณโ€‹

Modules included in these kitsโ€‹

Grove Creator Kit - ฮฑGrove Creator Kit - ฮฒGrove Creator Kit - ฮณ
Grove - Buttonโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Switch(P)โœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Tilt Switchโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Magnetic Switchโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Line Finder v1.1โœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Temperature Sensorโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Water Sensorโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Rotary Angle Sensorโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Sound Sensorโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Light Sensor v1.2โœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Vibration Sensor (SW-420)โœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT11)โœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Buzzerโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Relayโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Thumb Joystickโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Green LEDโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Red LEDโœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Blue LEDโœ“โœ“โœ“
Multi Color Flash LED (5mm)โœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Chainable RGB LED V2.0โœ“โœ“โœ“
Grove - Loudness Sensorโœ“โœ“
Grove - Ultrasonic Distance Sensorโœ“โœ“
Grove - Moisture Sensorโœ“โœ“
Grove - Mini PIR Motion Sensorโœ“โœ“
Grove - Red LED Buttonโœ“โœ“
Grove - Red Yellow Buttonโœ“โœ“
Grove - Red Blue Buttonโœ“โœ“
Grove - Infrared Emitterโœ“โœ“
Grove - Infrared Receiverโœ“โœ“
Grove - 16 x 2 LCD (White on Blue)โœ“โœ“
Grove - Hall Sensorโœ“
Grove - Flame Sensorโœ“
Grove - Touch Sensorโœ“
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(ยฑ1.5g)โœ“
Grove - Vibration Motorโœ“
Grove - 4-Digit Displayโœ“
Grove - Speakerโœ“
Grove - RTCโœ“
Grove LED Bar v2.0โœ“
Grove - RGB LED Stick (10 - WS2813 Mini)โœ“

Platforms Supportedโ€‹

ArduinoRaspberry PiMicro:bit

Cables Included in these kitsโ€‹

We have provided four different cables in these kits for your own flexibilty when connecting these modules with your favourite development boards.

Step-by-step Tutorial bookโ€‹

We have also provided a step-by-step tutorial book along with all these three kits to help you get started with the kits quickly and easily. You can follow along the book to build your next exciting electronics projects!

If you want to have access to a PDF version of this book, please refer to this link.

Getting Started Videosโ€‹

We have not limited the learning process only to a book. We have also provided a video series on YouTube that explains how to get started with these kits in an interactive way.

Feel free to have a look at the videos through this link

So, all you have to do is follow the tutorials, plug the modules into the development board and start your journey in open-source electronics!

Buy Creator Kitโ€‹

You can have access to the Grove Creator Kit through our country distributors.

Click the blue rectangles with the distributor names to visit the corresponding distributors.

Tech Supportโ€‹

Please submit any technical issue into our forum .
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