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LinkIt ONE Tutorial - Hello World

What We're Doing

In the previous section we've got an insight about how to control an LED with electronic components but lets do some gimmicks with software for automatic control of the LED. You just have to upload the code that is available in this section. The code written initially switches ON the LED, after a delay of 3sec it switches it OFF. Let's start using the LinkIt board.

Things you need

  • LinkIt One x 1

  • Break board x 1

  • Resistors 330Ω,1kΩ x 1

  • 5mm LED x 1

  • Transistor(2N3904) x 1




Please click on the button below to download the code for the kit:

You can unzip the file to the Examples folder of your Arduino IDE.

To access the demo code open:

File -> Examples -> Starter Kit for LinkIt -> Basic -> L2_Control_LED

const int pinLED = 3;                      // LED connect to D13

void setup()
pinMode(pinLED, OUTPUT); // set direction of D13-OUTPUT

void loop()
digitalWrite(pinLED, HIGH); // LED on
digitalWrite(pinLED, LOW); // LED off


  • Trouble in Uploading the code?

    • In this case, the possible problem should be due to wrong selection of the transfer port. You should probably modify it into "Tools> Serial port>".
  • Unable to Stop the process?

    • This occurs when your code is running in an infinite loop so in order to terminate the process disconnect the power supply from the board.

Making it better

In the previous section we used a capacitor to grow the brightness of the LED slowly and fade its luminosity slowly. Lets do the same thing without the capacitor but by purely changing the code.

To open the demo code:

File -> Examples -> Starter Kit for LinkIt -> Extend_Lesson –> L2_Breath_LED

More ideas

How do you change the frequency of the LED by modifying the code?


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